Hi darlings!

I'm Izzy and I believe in living a bold and magical life.

I’ve never feared doing things differently. In fact, I always went out of my way to feel unique. I wore weird clothes before it was cool (I called it fashion). I had pink hair for 6 years (my signature color). And after college, I moved to Spain.

I didn’t always have that kind of courage.

Deep down, I’m the shy, socially awkward girl who would rather spend hours thrifting than be in a room full of people. But through photography, I found my voice. Now, I love to connect with people and gift them the same confidence and empowerment that photography gives me.  My job is an honor that I don't take lightly.

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Martin and I met at the tender ages of 20 and 21.

I was attending SCAD, and Martin, a Savannah native, was at Armstrong. Funny story, he was actually set up on a group date with my best friend but we ended up hitting it off instead. And by hitting it off, I mean we were two painfully shy little weirdos who bonded over funny color hair, obscure indie bands and dreaming about traveling the world.  

After graduating, we knew three things.

One, we didn’t want to grow up yet (ewww), two,  we wanted to travel and three, Martin wanted to perfect his Spanish. So, armed with one way tickets, a contact and a prayer, we moved to Madrid, Spain. Within a week we had found a place to live and jobs teaching English. We stayed for 6 glorious months full of jamón, tintos de Verano and countless weekend trips exploring all of Spain.

Knoxville and a wedding

We moved to Knoxville, TN for Martin to earn his masters in Spanish at UT. During this time I learned that I much prefer living near the mountains than the coast, the banjo is most definitely my favorite instrument and I love shooting weddings. It’s also here that we got married – funny story, we actually got married on my lunch break at the courthouse in Knoxville and then had our wedding a year later in Elizabeth City, NC. We honeymoon in Colombia!

a Move back to spain

We loved Madrid so much that we moved back and we stayed for 2.5 years. Hands down, this is one of the most pivotal, influential and favorite times of my life. It would be impossible for me to describe our adventures in this tiny square, but some of our best, lifelong friends were made here and there are few corners of Europe that we left unseen. So much of how we live and think today was shaped by our 3 years of adventuring abroad and if it were up to me, EVERYONE should do something similar!

the Camino de Santiago

We completed the Camino de Santiago, an ancient religious pilgrimage that people have journeyed for thousands of years. Starting in France, we hiked for 31 days across Spain in its entirety. The views varied from mountains to cities to to wheat fields and vineyards. Our biggest worries were finding a bed at the end of each day and a cool place to stick our tired feet. I couldn’t recommend disconnecting in such a big way and doing something like this enough. One of my neatest achievements and something I can’t wait to do again with our children!

back to savannah

As much as I loved living abroad, there was an itch I could not shake.  I knew I wanted to move back to Savannah to work hard on my business and to make my photography career goals come true.  

In Savannah, we started our fur family and after two years, I was able to go full time with my photography. 

Getting to work my dream job for dream people is never lost on me and Savannah will forever hold my heart.

a move to athens, georgia

Martin started his PhD program at UGA in Spanish and we moved to Athens. We bought our first house and added our third fur baby.  We love Athens for its abundance of live music, good eats and college priced cocktails!

While Athens originally wasn't supposed to be a permanent move, we have a found a happy home here!

(The only thing Athens has on Savannah is FALL, y'all!)

hannah joins the team

Hannah reached out to me while she was studying photojournalism at UGA for a school project.  I quickly fell in love with her energy, humor and sass.  I wanted to bring on an Associate Photographer, so I felt like the stars were aligned and I began training her for the role!

5 years now at my side, Hannah brings such value to my team.  She is remarkably talented, professional and kind and our clients are continuously thankful for her guidance and creative eye on wedding day!

2017 & 2019:
xavier and oslo

I was never the girl who dreamed of being a momma. But when our first son, Xavier was born, I became completely obsessed. Two and a half years later, Oslo completed our family and so far being a boy mom rules! My boys love pink and unicorns so I'd say I'm winning the mom game, hah!

I have always been eternally grateful to my clients for giving me a dreamy life, but now that I am a mom, I cannot say thank you enough for the flexibility to be with these boys and show them they too can do anything they want.

Hey y'all, I'm Izzy, owner and lead photographer at Izzy + Co.  I'm a sassy red head who loves thrifting, iced coffee and the color pink. (can you tell?) Drag queens are my role models and mixtapes are my love language.   When I'm not behind a camera, I'm busy being a mom to our two little boys, Xavier + Oslo, and our fur gang: two German Shepherds + a ginger kitty.

fun facts about izzy

1 of 7 seven kids

Scared of the dark

Could live on cheese

believer in unicorns

Lover of all things sparkly

Terrible with directions + always lost

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Martin is my cutie partner in life and business.  He just finished his PhD in Spanish at UGA in Athens, where he now teaches.  You will find him with his nose in a book, teaching our children Spanish or planning our next travel destination.  Every summer, he dies his hair purple which always takes me back to the day we met!

fun facts about martin

 PhD in Spanish (fluent!)


soccer player

bow tie wearer


No 1  fan of the office

Hannah , my Associate Photographer. is my right hand gal.  She's small in stature but BIG in personality! Armed with a degree in Law and Photojournalism, her creative storytelling + acute attention to detail makes her the complete package.  A newly wed herself, she's an expert at weddings and loves nothing more than to love on our couples.

fun facts about hannah

too short for some rollercoasters

pillow collector

avid HGTV watcher

coloring book queen

obsessed with her pup

Gonna be a new momma soon!

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