5 Years…

March 19, 2013

Today marks 5 years of marriage.  Dang.

When looking back over the years and thinking of what I would write about today, I just feel overwhelming proud and grateful.  I feel so grateful that pretty early in life I found someone who both complements me and puts up with me.

Martin and I have been together for 9 years.  Here’s a picture of us from when I brought him home for the first time to meet my family and friends.  Such babies!  (Can’t you hear my dad saying, “Elizabeth! You didn’t tell me he had SO MANY piercings!)

Since then we have changed and grown together.  We helped each other succeed in college.  After which, we took a chance and moved to Spain.  Hell, we even took 31 days to walk across a country together!  All of our experiences we’ve made together have grounded us and changed us in ways I didn’t necessarily expect.

Not only does Martin keep me straight in life, but he supports me daily in my photography business and is the sole reason why I ever look like I have my shit together.

But the thing that I love most is that we never stop dreaming.  We never put limits on what we think we can do and once we decide to do something we put it in motion.  And for this, I am very proud.

(P.S. Is it funny that Martin’s wearing the same shirt in three photos?)


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