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March 2, 2010

Oh Asturias, how have I lived without you this long? Seriously, you are my new favorite place EVER! I mean, how many places to do you get the beach AND the mountains? How glorious!!!! So, we took a little road trip with some friends and stayed in a small ass little po-dunk town called Llanes. We got in at 10:30 at night but when we awoke, this is what was right outside our door:

We took our time just pueblo hopping, driving around until we caught a glimpse of beauty (which was like every 5 minutes!) and we stopped to take pictures or walk around.

We stopped in the little towns for delicious food or drink. The traditional foods in this area are goat cheese – from mild to very stinky (mmmm cheeeeese!), honey and cider! The seafood is also super fantastic and they eat all sorts of crazy delicacies. I stuck with fish, but our traveling companions branched out with different shell fishes, squid in its own INK (blah!) and other things. We also tried fabada which is a traditional stew of beans, chorizo sausage, blood sausage and ham. If you sort of pick around the blood sausage its very very tasty indeed!

HAHAHAHAHAHA this pueblo is named POO! (thats for you, Melissa)

I will have a house here someday, mark my words!

This is Leon, the last stop on our trip. In the above collage, the picture in the bottom right is a palace designed by the infamous Gaudi. Its very different from his usual over the top, organic, avant garde houses in Barcelona.

Well. I am super excited because we finally will have a visitor in a little over a week!!! Our next trip will be to Valencia for Las Fallas, a festival of FIRE! Then shortly after, we will be on holiday for Semana Santa. So keep checking back! Love and miss everyone!!!!


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