Christmas Trip – Part 1 – Munich, Germany – Salzburg, Austria- Travel Photography

January 8, 2010

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!! We had an amazing trip but we really missed being home and being able to share the holiday with our family and friends. This is our first year away at this time and its really tough! But thank you to everyone who sent us warm wishes and thoughts while we are away. I am going to post pictures from our big trip in a few installments. Our first stop was Munich, Germany. We arrived late because we had trouble at the airport so we lost a day. But we still got to see the Christmas markets and drink mulled wine and try out the different holiday street food. Of course everything closed early on Christmas Eve and was also closed on Christmas Day and the day after, so we kind of just bummed around the empty city. Christmas Day, we went to Dachau concentration camp. Kind of a sullen thing to do on Christmas Day, but it was the only thing open, so we took advantage and it was a good experience.

This is the center plaza in Munich, you can see a sign from the Christmas Market at the bottom of the picture.
This is one of the buildings at Dachau concentration camp. Eerie isnt it?

After Munich, we took a train to Salzburg, Austria. This city was recommended to us by a friend and Im sure glad we went because it is such a beautiful little town. There were so many great views to capture – the castle, the river, the alps!!!

This unicorn is famous from “The Sound of Music.” There are two unicorn statues on either side of some steps, and it was on these steps that the children sang the Do Re Mi song.

Check back for Vienna and Berlin!


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