Christmas Trip – Part 3 – Prague, Czech Republic

January 13, 2010

Next up on our trip was Prague. We had been dying to go to Prague because of all the wonderful things we had heard about this city. But I think, as is the case most of the time, it got too hyped up. Dont get me wrong, the city is GORGEOUS!!!!!! But so was Vienna, and I feel like Vienna had a bit more to offer. I think also the problem was that we there on New Years and the city was almost so crowded with tourists that you could barely move through the streets. But like I said, its a beautiful city, so enjoy the pictures!

Do you see that hollow barrel shaped thingy hanging on the sign in the picture below? These were delicious sugary dough things with almonds on them, so yummy!!! Hooray for Christmasy street food!

Then we went to Berlin. Berlin was definitely one of my favorite cities. Its not that pretty though so I dont have a lot to show you. If you want to know more about we did here, go to our travel blog. But this city was full of culture, had a really cool and interesting young crowd, and just felt very artistic to me. I got a lot of inspiration from this city. However it was super duper cold, too much for southern blood. I must go back in the warmer months! This first picture is from the Holocaust memorial.


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