Dublin, Ireland – Travel Photography

September 21, 2009

We just got back today from our little drive around Ireland. It was wonderful. We took a camper and drove around for 2 days around the Irish countryside and saw many amazing sights. But before I blog about all of that, I wanted to share a few photos from our first two days in Dublin.

Starting from top left:
1. storefront in Maynooth (waiting on the bus into Dublin)
2. Haypenny bridge (named so because it used to cost a haypenny to cross)
3. St. Patricks Cathedral
4. Guiness storehouse at St. James (Sept. 25th marks 250 years of Guiness and everyone here will be celebrated Arthur’s Day)
5. St. Patrick’s park (right outside of the cathedral)
6. view of the Dublin skyline from the Gravity Bar inside the Guiness storehouse
7. Trinity College (houses the oldest book in the world)
8. ruins of a church outside of Dublin
9. Christ Church


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