Featured! Savannah Magazine Nov/Dec 2013 Issue

November 24, 2013

Over the past year I have been dying to shoot for Savannah Magazine and secretly wondered why they hadn’t used me before.  Anytime I ran into the gals from Savannah Magazine at local events, we always got along and I felt sure they liked me but somehow I kept feeling like the kid that couldn’t QUITE make it into the cool club.

Well, as you know, I do tons of styled shoots with Audrey, of French Knot Studios, and it seems all that work has paid off and snagged the attention of the magazine!  For the holiday issue, 4 holidays were assigned to local event stylists (including Audrey) – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve and I was to shoot ALL OF THEM!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? I nearly died of excitement.  Unfortunately, due to my crazy wedding schedule, I could only do 3 of the 4 holidays but I’m happy to say that Katie McGee shot the other and she is my local photographer crush.  She’s amazeballs, GORGEOUS and the sweetest giggliest girl ever.  If you don’t know her and her work ACQUAINT YOURSELF NOW.  She’s also a regular at the Savannah Magazine cool kids table so I was completely honored to be featured side by side with her!

To top it all off….and I can’t even believe it….I GOT THE COVER!  Needless to say, I am so completely excited and proud to have so much involvement in this issue and incredibly grateful to Savannah Magazine for giving me such a huge opportunity right off the bat.  They pretty much rock.


On top of shooting three of the holiday editorials, I also submitted a story about holiday fashion along with Loren Laney of Femme Fatale Salon and James Hogan, a fashion destination for women in Savannah.


And now the holiday editorials!!!   I will be showcasing each shoot individually on the blog so look out for even more photos and details about each one.  But in the meantime, be sure to grab this issue to see the highlights and all the other wonderful stories in its pages!

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Savannah Magazine Nov Dec 2013 issue

Another HUGE thank you to Savannah Magazine – your belief in my work and support MEANS SO MUCH and its so exciting to be playing a bigger part in my community, thank you!



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