In honor of Kevin Cook

December 9, 2009

Certainly you remember this young man? I just shot his wedding this summer. Unfortunately I am writing about him again because he passed away this weekend. I am having to blog about this because on top of sharing my pictures, I would also like this to be a place where I share my life. And, it is therapeutic for me to put this out there. Since I am in Spain, so far away from home, its difficult receiving news like this. Like everyone else, I am in total shock. But I don´t have the community of friends and family who shared my love and friendship with Cook. I am not able to sit around with everyone else and laugh and cry over him. I want everyone back home, Cook´s family, his wife, my brother´s circle of friends to know that I am thinking about everyone. I wish I could be there to give hugs….or to just be there. I didn´t know Cook as well as many of you, but the Cook I knew and remember was such a good boy. I know he could be trouble….but he always went out of his way to establish a friendship with me. I wasnt just Daniel´s big sister to him, I was also his friend. Always included. He always asked about my life in Savannah and in Knoxville….many times he came over just to see me when I was home visiting. Cook was hysterical. It was impossible not have a good time when he was around. Its going to be strange to not have him there anymore to make everyone laugh. Cook! I really want to give you a good hard shake for doing this to us! It makes me even more sad because I dont think his death was intentional. Certainly many people are feeling twinges of guilt – that maybe they could have done or said something to prevent this from happening, its only natural to think that way. Or maybe some people are regretting that they didnt let Cook know how much they loved him or what a great guy he was. But I have to believe, that yes, Cook knows. I am really no good with words…..especially in times like this, I have no idea what to say. I am better at listening. But I just wanted somehow, to give myself a presence in all of this. Hopefully to comfort someone. Help myself to grieve. Let Cook know that I will always remember him – that he made an impact on my life. To let my brother and all of his friends know that I love them and miss them!!! To let Cook´s family know that I am thinking of them and wish I could be there. I hope everyone is staying strong!!! I love you all!


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