Jennifer & Greg – Castle Ladyhawke, NC

October 29, 2013

When my dear highschool friend, Jennifer, told me she was getting married at a castle in the NC mountains, I nearly fainted.  And then pretty much bullied her into hiring me.  Haha, not really, she likes me :)

Castle Ladyhawke Asheville Destination Wedding Photographer

Castle Ladyhawke sets atop a mountain in Tuckasegee, NC and is the perfect, most fun fairytale setting for a wedding!


I mean, how can you get any cooler than dragons?  You can’t.Ladyhawke_castle_wedding02_photo

The day started hanging out with Greg and his gents.Ladyhawke_castle_wedding03_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding04_photo

I always love the time I spend photographing a bride’s details and the castle’s rooms and decor gave me such visual treats!Ladyhawke_castle_wedding05_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding06_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding07_photo

I love this moment of Jennifer’s dad seeing her in her gown!Ladyhawke_castle_wedding08_photo

FAVORITE. FAIRYTALE. MAGIC.Ladyhawke_castle_wedding09_photo

Jennifer, m’lady, you are exceptional.Ladyhawke_castle_wedding10_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding11_photo

The grounds open up to the most spectacular view of the mountains, creating a breathtaking ceremony site.Ladyhawke_castle_wedding12_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding13_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding14_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding15_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding16_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding17_photo

Mmmmmmm, love these two, they’re tooooooo sweet.Ladyhawke_castle_wedding18_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding19_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding20_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding21_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding22_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding23_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding24_photoLadyhawke_castle_wedding25_photo

Jennifer & Greg – a million thanks for allowing me to capture your amazing wedding at such a beautiful place.  Your continued friendship means the world to me as I could tell it does to all the people in your lives!  And thank you for the mini highschool reunion and dance party! Y’all rock!


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