Juan & Arlette – Bethesda + Isle of Hope Engagement

April 1, 2013

I know I’m not supposed to admit to having favorite clients but Juan and Arlette are definitely some of the best (shhhhh!)  Maybe it’s because they’re attuned to my likes and gave me a Betsey Johnson camera necklace.  Or maybe its because they’re both smoking hot and my camera loves them.  Or maybe its because they spent their engagement session belly laughing and having fun.

One thing is for sure.  They have entered my heart and made an impression on me with their thoughtfulness, genuineness and deep profound love for each other.  Juan and Arlette are an inspiring example of what love is, both for each other and for the people around them.  I am blessed to have them in my life and to have the opportunity to document their lives.

Isle of Hope Engagement Session Savannah Wedding Photographer

 For their engagement session, we started at Bethesda – a gorgeous property with the oak tree canopy Savannah is known for.  Juan and Arlette are obsessed with their doggie, so naturally he came along! Watching these two be sweet on each other and the way both of them laugh out loud – I say it time and time again – but it just warms my little heart and makes me feel so extraordinarily lucky to call this my job.It was important for Arlette to be near the water, so after Bethesda we moved on to Isle of Hope which is full of the prettiest houses, an adorable lane and a marina.The late afternoon light was truly amazing as it came through the trees.These two are insanely gorgeous – they literally take my breath away!And they’re super fun too ;)Juan and Arlette – its truly a blessing to know you! I cannot wait for your wedding later this month – its going to be SPECTACULAR and so full of love!


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