Julie Roberts – Portrait Photography – Knoxville, Tennessee

July 21, 2009

So finally you guys can put a face to the name!!! While I was in Knoxville, Julie and I took portraits for each other for our websites….and just so we could have fun pictures of ourselves. Being photographers, its rare that you actually get photos of yourself! We found a loverly little place with beeeeeautiful sunflowers all over! We actually went twice. The first evening we got all dressed up with some friends in old fashioned clothes in hopes of doing a really cool photo shoot but we got rained on! But the next day Julie and I, stubborn as we are, trekked again to the pretty flowers and just did a very casual fun shoot of US! I put one of myself as my little picture on my blog and whenever I actually get around to redo-ing my website, you will see more of the ones Julie took of me. In the meantime have a look at the oh so loverly miss Julie Roberts!!


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