La Coruña, Spain – Travel Photography

July 13, 2011

Our final day of our Northern Spain trip was spent in La Coruña, in Galicia.

Our first stop was the Hercules Tower, which is actually a lighthouse the Romans built in the 2nd century A.D.

Instead of climbing the tower, Martin and I walked around and took photos of the amazing views of the cliffs and crashing waves.

We walked around, had lunch, walked around some more…

I was enamored with this little store/cafe and its windows.  To bad it was closed.

Finally, we visited this fortress, the San Antón Castle.

At first the trip went at a nice pace, and then all of sudden it flew by.  It was sad to say goodbye to my parents, its always so nice to have family or friends visit.  We love showing off our adopted home! So this is the last of these posts, hope you enjoyed! Now on to Eastern Europe!


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