León & Las Médulas, Spain – Travel Photography

July 11, 2011

My dad’s name is Leon, so of course during the whole trip he whimpered about the city of León not being on our agenda.  So, we changed our route slightly so he could visit his city.  It actually worked out better because it allowed us to see Las Médulas, which youll see a little further below.

León is supposed to have one of the more impressive cathedrals in Spain.  Its really not my favorite though.  The outside is gorgeous, as most cathedrals are.  But the inside is soooooo dark and it feels so heavy in there.  I prefer churches that are lighter in color and feeling.  However, the stained glass is abundant and extraordinary.

I can’t get enough of all the pretty flowers that adorn most Spanish buildings and apartments.  Its just so happy!

Las Médulas are also in the region, Castilla León.  Way back in the day when the Romans were settled here, they mined tons and tons of gold, leaving the land like this – resembling the badlands.  Its actually quite gorgeous.  The reddish brown cliffs and mounds shine against the green and blue of the landscape.  We drove up to an observation deck and from there we could see that there are trails leading all through Las Médulas, so we drove back down to see if we could find where to walk around.

We found a little area with a visitors center, restaurants and little shops.

The lady at the visitor center showed us a short hike up to a cave.

We were most impressed by the trees! Every single one was huge and gnarled or hollow – straight out of a fairytale…..all of them! It was pretty awesome.

We finally reached the cave, unfortunately you couldnt really enter it, so we just took a few pictures instead.

I still have two more days to blog! And we leave today for Eastern Europe. Im so behind!!  Oh well. My parents left this morning and I had so much fun spending time with them here, it always goes by so fast.  Im sure Ill have tons of time in the airport or on the plane to get the other two blog posts ready and maybe tonight in our hotel I can get the next one up!  Don’t forget also, you can follow Martin’s account of our trips on the travel blog – he writes more history and interesting facts!


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