Tips for Your Minimal Series Session

August 22, 2022

One of my favorite Izzy + Co offerings is The Minimal Series! It’s a new type of children’s portrait session that emphasizes capturing childhood in its purest form. No props, no distractions, and no busy photos. It’s all about your child’s unique personality, so we work with a minimal aesthetic. You can read more about The Minimal Series and its inspiration.

We use our mobile studio for The Minimal Series, and we’ll be traveling soon. We’ve got two sitting dates for The Minimal Series coming up fast! The first is Saturday September 17th at ReBlossom, and the second is Sunday October 2nd at Serenbe. Since we’re so close, I wanted to share a couple of tips for preparing for your Minimal Series session.

tips for your Minimal Series session tips for your Minimal Series session tips for your Minimal Series session

Pay Attention to Clothing

My most important tip has to do with clothing. To keep with the minimal aesthetic, it’s so important to pick out the right outfit for your child.

Keep your children’s clothing as minimal, simple, and classic as possible. Solids are the best, but a very subtle print or patterns, such as stripes, gingham, or floral, also works. Textures, like smocking, lace, and ruffles, are also just fine! But do remember, it’s about your child’s personality, and not about the clothes. This means simple and subtle is always best!

Lighter tones will photograph prettier on the white background. So, we recommend sticking to white, cream, light gray, and pastels.

You can also look to your interior design for clothing inspiration. If you plan to use your printed images in color, make sure you are choosing clothing colors and styles that complement your home. Again, I find that sticking with lighter-toned neutrals, pastels, and earth tones will photograph beautifully and match most any home.

For babies, I love a bubble or romper! Feel free to bring a few photogenic toys, like wooden blocks. This can help keep them happy and distracted while not taking away from their cute face.

Above all, we recommend avoiding athletic wear and licensed characters, words, or other screen-printed features. This keeps the focus on your child and not their clothing!

As a final note, shoes are welcome, but I love bare feet!

family photography by Izzy and Co PhotographyThe Minimal Series by Izzy and Co Photography The Minimal Series by Izzy and Co Photographyfamily photography by Izzy and Co Photography

Know Your Space

When you purchase a Minimal Series Session, you also get access to gorgeous heirloom products. We have a curated selection of heirloom, museum-grade wall art that you can use to decorate your home!

So, it’s helpful for me to know upfront what kind of wall space you have to work with and how many pieces we need to plan for. This is something we will talk about during the consultation before the session, so I know what kind of images to achieve.

Multiple pieces of wall art require varying “poses” to make the overall design more interesting and allow it to showcase lots of different aspects of your child’s personality! These collections of 3-4 pieces are my favorite to design and allow you to showcase more than just one image.

family gallery wall for The Minimal Series family gallery wall for The Minimal Series family gallery wall for The Minimal Series gallery wall of family portraits

I absolutely love doing Minimal Series sessions, especially since I’m able to donate 100% of the sitting fees to amazing causes. During our past ReBlossom session, the sitting fees went to their mental health nonprofit for local parents – Athens Parents Wellbeing.  For the last Serenbe marathon day, I donated the sitting fees to a non-profit in Uganda that helps pregnant women in need.

If you’re interested in your own Minimal Series session, now’s your chance! You can book your time below! If the dates don’t work for you, you can always reach out to us and book another date!

Book Your ReBlossom Session on 9/17!

Book Your Serenbe Session on 10/2!


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