My bridal portraits & our “first look” session

May 10, 2011

One of the benefits of being a photographer is that you tend to have lots of other photographer friends.  At the time, I was second shooting for the oh so wonderful Julie Roberts and through that we became such good friends.  Not only did she bless us with our beautiful wedding pictures, she totally hooked me up with unbelievable bridal portraits.  As soon as I got my dress altered and my pretty antique brooches sewn on, I was dying to take it for a spin.  I thought doing a bridal session out in the woods in the SNOW would be gorgeous, so we packed up, put on our coats and braved the Eastern TN mountains.  It was truly and utterly freezing but we played and posed for hours and I adore these pictures.  ADORE!  My mom let me borrow my namesake’s mink stole.  Isn’t it lovely? And I used a few hats/veils from my “private collection!” :)

I love love love and am very much influenced by fashion photography.  So it was fun to work it and as Jasmine Star says,  I gave myself “the permission to feel beautiful!”

I love those gloves but I think I love this diptych more.

Then, I convinced Julie to come down for a visit in Savannah.  Outside of Savannah in Beaufort, there are amazing ruins of Old Sheldon Church.  Me and my good friend Melissa put on our dresses and spent the afternoon playing around the ruins.  We are all photographers so we made some awesome pictures!  You can see Melissa’s bridals that I took here.  And here are mine by Julie.  Aren’t the so pretty?

This is my above all favorite! Its so different, and so editorial, I love it so much.  Thank you Julie!

This one too I love.

One of the best decisions we made was to do a “First Look” session.  I wanted to take a separate day to do portraits of us so that we could go to a really cool location and have plenty of time to get creative!  Also, I know you guys aren’t usually thrilled with getting your picture taken but we are.  And more so to get our picture taken with you.  Doing a day before or day after session is the best way to have a romantic wedding session just the two of you.  You can focus on each other instead of worrying about time and guests.  The pictures from this session are definitely my favorites.  Julie totally gave me exactly what I wanted! they are sweet and vintage and timeless!
This is one of my absolute favorites.

And this is another. Canvas please!

And this is another! Or should I get a canvas of this one!?

I also very much love these!!

So that’s it, hooray!! I loved all my sessions with Julie.  We had so much fun and I miss her! And I loved our wedding – everything was so fun! Its nice to revisit it through posting these pictures.  I hope yall enjoyed!


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