New York City!

November 13, 2011

Our first stop in the states was New York City to visit my oh so wonderful big brother, Scott.  He’s got a beautiful apartment near Columbia University in Harlem.  Being jet lagged and off schedule, we woke up toooooo early but had this beautiful sunrise view of the city from our bedroom window.  What a spectacular first day back home.

Scott had to work so we went into downtown Manhattan for the day to sight see and window shop.  We visited big things like Time Square, Rockefeller Square…

Grand Central Station…

Chelsea Martet….which quickly became my favorite place EVER. I mean look at this building – its so fun!!! Plus they have an Anthropologie so what more could you ask for?

I made Martin take me into the American Girl store.  I was obsessed with these dolls as a little girl so even now I was amazed by everything in the store.  Im only sad that most of the dolls I grew up with have been retired :(

The second day we headed into Brooklyn to visit our friends Drew and Katy.  Im so so sad they moved to Brooklyn – they were some favorite friends in Savannah.  I had never been to Brooklyn before – I love it.  Its so much more green than Manhattan and more quaint and cute.  We walked around with Drew until Katy got off of work.  This is Prospect Park.

We had cheeseburgers for lunch at this awesome little place.  And then walked across the Brooklyn bridge back into Manhattan.

Saturday morning, we were still so off schedule and woke up too early.  While we waited for Scott and his loverly fiancé Lori (whom I adore by the way) to wake up, Martin and I went to Battery Park to take a peek at the Statue of Liberty.

We bought honey roasted cashews and made friends with this guy.

Later that day we went back to Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Flea.  I love flea markets! Scott bought me an awesome graphic Tshirt from Gnome Enterprises – handmade in Brooklyn! What a sweet big bro.

Drew and Katy told us to make sure we tried the doughnuts from a place called Dough.  I snapped this funny picture on the right of the policemen at the place.  Those doughnuts were DELICIOUS!

Scott and Lori – we had a blast hanging out with you and Bella Kitty.  Thank you for everything!!! And can’t wait to show photos from yalls little portrait session!


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