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August 2, 2011

After Bucharest, we took a train to the small town of Sinaia in Romania.  Before we left for this trip, we looked up several castles in Romania and this town had two, so we thought we would stop for the day en route to Brasov.  Im so glad we did! This town is ski resort town but also houses the beautiful Peleș Castle, which might now be my favorite castle ever.  Walking up to it I couldn’t help but snap picture after picture.  Isn’t it lovely? I feel like its straight out of a Disney movie and I want to live in it NOW.

Peleș Castle is actually a palace but for some reason is consistently called a castle – I agree, it sounds better.

And its not actually that old.  It was finished in 1914, taking 40 years to complete.  It was the summer residence for the king.

They charged an additional fee to take pictures on the inside, but since we got in for so cheap thanks to our student IDs, we paid the fee.  Im glad we did because the interior was pretty impressive.  On the right is a main “hall” where you can see several floors above.  I love the cool spiral staircase at the top right corner.

Here is the Armory – they have about 4,000 pieces – some weapons are encrusted in jewels! The ceiling has different crests or emblems.

Here is the library, complete with hidden doorway and staircase!  Its the bookshelf in the middle.

The dining room.

These next two themed rooms I loved alot.  This one was directly inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain – so its got the intricate carvings thats typical of moorish architecture.  And the lights look like the ones we saw in Istanbul.

And this one is the Turkish smoking room.  I think in my future house I must have a room full of pillows and hookahs.

All of the bedrooms were accessed, not through a normal door, but through a secret door (via a big wardrobe) you can see the door in the bedroom on the left.  The wood furniture on the right was crazy intricate and delicately carved from Indian wood.

Apparently the architects at the time were very fascinated and inspired by boats.  You can see the the two ceilings here look like the hulls of ships or boats.  The first is the Queen’s painting room and the other is the ceiling from the prince’s bedroom.  I love that the chandelier is hanging from a door.

The outside and the grounds of the castle are just breathtaking – what a great view of the surrounding Carpathian mountains!

If youd like to read more history of the castle and get more room details, plus see more pictures of the town of Sinaia, please go read the travel blog!

We are in Belgrade, Serbia now.  I had hoped to get my other Romania post done but its 12.23am so that just aint happening.  Its time for bed folks.  We’ve got a night bus to Dubrovink, Croatia tomorrow so it might be a little while before I post again, sorry Im so behind!


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