The end of Madrid part one

June 23, 2010

The school year we have spent in Madrid is coming to an end. And I have hardly blogged about it. It has been a very trying, frustrating year for many reasons. The language barrier wasnt as thick this time around, my spanish is better than the last time we lived here but the difference in language, culture, etc really can be hard to deal with. My biggest annoyance has been needing something in particular and running all over the city to find it…..and still not finding it. My goodness, Madrid, you are a European capital, theres not much you shouldnt have. And please, is it really too much to ask for a one stop shop? Another difficulty is actually the teaching. A room of 25 children is insane. period. I always knew I wasnt much of a kid person, but these unruly spanish kids have now destroyed any hope of me reproducing. Maybe one day Ill change my mind and actually have some semblance of maternal instinct. As annoying as people (and children) can be, I do still love the city. Madrid is beautiful and youd be hard strapped to find yourself bored. Theres tons to do, tons to eat, tons to see and THANKFULLY many things are free or extremely cheap! I sure will miss going for drinks (1.50 or 2 euros for a glass of yummy wine, hello!) and basically getting dinner for free. Or meandering through the endless art and photography galleries, for free. Or relaxing in Retiro Park, for free. Its fantastic. But above all, I have to thank all of the amazing friends we have made this year, because in all seriousness without them, Im pretty sure I wouldnt have made it to the end! I have pretty much lived for football Fridays, to hang out with all of our football guys. Our food parties and picnics are the best time EVER. Through these people we have met other people, expanding our little circle of friends and I just love all of you!!! I am so distraught that we arent all coming back. For those of you who wont be here next year – I AM GOING TO MISS YOU! Thank you for being my friend and making this year WORTH IT. I know we will always be in touch because thats the good kind of people we meet. (for example, our friend Mollie is here with us now and she is joining us on our road trip through France. We met her 6 years ago in Paris and havent seen her since. But God bless the internet, we have kept in touch and we are together once again!) So, I look forward to hanging out with yall again, some other time, in some other part of the world!
Well anyway, I just wanted to share how Im feeling as we are packing our bags. THANK THE GOOD LORD SCHOOL IS OVER! But Im really really going to miss those of you who are leaving me and I want yall to know how important yall have been to me this year.
And now for some pictures of course!!!!

Relaxing in Retiro Park

Taco Party!

The Royal Palace


Christmas lights in Sol

A snowy day in Plaza Mayor

The Royal Palace and Plaza de España at night

Richelle’s birthday, Saying goodbye to Rachel, drinking in La Latina and drunken silliness with Audrey


Shane’s birthday party

Dancing with Brooks, Gran Via’s 100th birthday and hanging out and eating paella with Marco

Sights around Madrid

The football crowd at football bar

We took our food parties to a new level by picnicing at Lago

Retiro Park

Retiro Park and my intercambio Bea with her beau David

Mark’s 30th birthday celebration

Sol and the bear and tree statue (symbol of Madrid), Plaza de España and the Cervantes statue with Jules

Good bye dinner party! ;(

Me and my loverly coworkers

Follow us through France here.


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