The night before the big move….

September 15, 2009

Its 12:17 am. I have to be up in six hours so that I can shower and make sure that even though Ive stressed about this for several days, have checked and rechecked, that all of our bags are in order and ready to go. We are finally moving back to Madrid! I cannot believe it is here already, the summer has flown by. And even though all we have been saying for the past two years is how much we wanted to go back and we couldnt wait, I now find myself very sad that I am once again saying goodbye to my family and very dear friends. I am sad that for the next month I will probably become very frustrated and lonely until I am again acclamated to the language and have made some friends. But the things that I am most excited about? Delicious cheap wine, kebobs, NIGHTLIFE, walking, art museums…….I mean, how can I not love living this way? Everyone please pray for us, think of us, send us good juju, whatever it is that you do because plane rides are never easy!! When I write again, I will be in Dublin with pictures to share!!! Love everyone!!!
Oh, and those of you that follow my photoblog, we are also going to be posting to our travel blog which is

And because posts are better with photos, here’s a favorite I took when we lived in Madrid back in 2007.

Madrid at Night


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