Tiffany & Sean – DIY Railroad Museum Wedding

March 25, 2015

You might remember cuties, Tiffany and Sean, from their engagement session at the Old Dairy Farm in Savannah.   Their wedding at the Georgia State Railroad Museum was one of my favorites from 2014 so I’m super excited to finally share it with you.  Tiffany is an artist and a maker so get ready for lots of thoughtful DIY goodness!


Tiffany made these little guys to go on top of her cake – but I couldn’t resist using them for the most adorable ring shot ever.Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-02-photo

I’ve been a fan of Betsey Johnson since forever, so I squealed in delight when I saw her bejeweled Betsey flats.Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-03-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-04-photo

Tiffany had her dress custom made by Faith Thornburg – via Ivory & Beau in Savannah.  How clever of her to make it blue!Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-05-photo

Tiffany loves kitties. Like, a lot.  So naturally she found the cutest kitty ribbon ever to tie around her bouquet.  She’s just cool like that.Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-06-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-07-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-08-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-09-photo

Tiffany & Sean chose to do a “First Look,” which I love – we used an area near SCAD which proved to be both meaningful and pretty!Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-10-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-11-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-12-photo

Tiffany hand made and hand stitched each and every one of her invitations – a labor of love that paid off!Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-13-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-14-photo

Guests enjoyed handmade pillows on the benches to keep them bottoms comfy during the ceremony.Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-15-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-16-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-17-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-18-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-19-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-20-photo

Tiffany even handmade her reception bow and added a crocheted kitty to the center. Adorable.  (Sean thought so too)Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-21-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-22-photo

I love the wildflower look for reception tables – so much easier to collect vessels and fill with loose stems than to build fussy arrangements, don’t you think?Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-23-photo


Sean made homemade jams so that guests could enjoy a biscuit bar during cocktail hour – the sweet little jars served double as a parting gift.


The delicious cakes were lovingly made by the bride’s mother.Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-30-photo

And the cakes were supplemented with Byrd’s cookies and other local sweets.Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-31-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-32-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-33-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-34-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-35-photo

Leopold’s was on hand for a late night snack = pretty much the best crowd pleaser!Railroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-36-photoRailroad-Museum-Savannah-DIY-Wedding-Photographer-37-photo

Venue: Georgia State Railroad Museum

Wedding planning & dress boutique: Ivory & Beau

Custom gown: Faith Thornburg

Florals: A to Zinnias

Rentals: Amazing Event Rentals

Ceremony balloons: Art Pop Balloons

Vintage Furniture: Everthine Vintage

Antique China: Fancy Plates

Hair & Makeup: Michelle Royal

Icecream: Leopold’s

Caterer: Sandfly BBQ

Band: Jeff Beasley Band


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