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April 1, 2015

Hello my lovelies! By now most of you are probably familiar with Dollface by Jules and her creative team.  They have collaborated on many of my projects and offer the best in hair and makeup for weddings, events and editorial work, I love them.  But what you may not know, is that Jessica Mock also offers a sugaring service called Southern Sugaring.  Us ladies hate to talk about our unsightly hairs but I believe its probably something that plagues us all.  Sugaring offers an all natural, less painful alternative to waxing.  I know, I’ve tried it!  Jessica Mock is the sweetest gal around – doing a sugaring session with her is a supremely pleasant experience and it really is less painful than waxing.  I’d highly recommend visiting her before your wedding or next summer vacation!  Get ready to enjoy a super fun candy inspired photoshoot styled by French Knot Studios along with some tidbits about Jessica and her business.

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

1.  What kind of wedding professional are you?  What sort of services or product do you offer?
I am a Certified Body Sugaring Practitioner and a Tamara’s Professional Certified Educator.  Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal, dating back to Cleopatra herself.  The ingredients in the paste are simple:  sugar, citric acid, and water.  Besides suffering a possible sugar rush, you could literally eat this product without any negative side effects!  The paste I use is also Certified Organic AND Fair Trade.  I apply and remove the paste by hand, so not only is the process extremely cool, but it has actually been compared to getting a massage!  Basically, it is the opposite of waxing in every way – no burns, no rawness, no in-growns.  And on top of all these benefits, it lasts longer than waxing because the hair is never broken – every follicle is removed by the root.

I specialize in brow shaping and a variety of bikini styles, including Brazilians.  I also train beauty professionals in the art of body sugaring, holding monthly classes that are recognized by the State Board of Cosmetology for continuing education credit hours.  I have aligned myself with Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring because the company’s products are top notch, and their emphasis on technique during training is vital to proper education.Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

2.  What brought you about doing what you do?  How/why did you start your business?
After four years of fashion school, I attended aesthetics school because of my interest in makeup and skincare.  I loved hair removal, but the only method we learned in school was waxing.  My first experience with sugaring was at my very first spa job after graduating.  It is a complex process, and after a very brief period of training, the owner of the spa caught pneumonia and was out for a month, leaving me to take over her clients.  I was forced to learn really quickly, and under pressure, but from my own experience with sugaring, I knew this was something worth practicing.  When I used to wax myself, I would get a bump for every hair removed, sort of defeating the whole purpose since my skin wasn’t smooth, but with sugaring, my skin looked like no hair had ever even grown in the area!  I was completely blown away by how much less painful it was, not to mention how much better my skin reacted to it!
3.  What is your favorite part about it?
My favorite part of sugaring is the confidence I can give both my clients and my students.  As a client, you leave the studio looking and feeling like a supermodel, and as a sugaring student, you leave with valuable knowledge that increases client retention and business income.

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

4. What is something you’d like people to know about you or your business?
You CAN come back from a bad brow job without going insane or looking unkempt.  I do a Brow Bootcamp with many first-time clients who lost their brows to a nail salon waxing.  I sugar the brow in a way that encourages a shape and keeps them from compulsively tweezing at home.  Brow makeovers are one of my specialties!
5.  How do you find inspiration?
I am inspired by fashion, food, traveling, and fitness.

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

6.  What are your top 3 favorite things to do in your free time?

Shopping, traveling, and working out.
7.  Who are some artists/people you admire?
Professionally, Jules De Jesus Fritz, the owner of Dollface by Jules and Jules – More Than Makeup, is one of my role models because of her drive and creativity.  She can do anything she sets her mind to!  I have a girl crush on Victoria Beckham, and I’m fascinated by Anna Wintour.  Barbie has been my icon since I can remember!

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules8.  What is your ultimate vacation?

My ultimate vacation is anywhere I haven’t been yet.  I love exploring and trying the food in somewhere unfamiliar.  My husband and I figured out that we love our trips the most when we don’t try to plan everything.  We pick two or three things we want to do, and then the rest is wandering and getting recommendations from people we meet.  It makes a vacation much more spontaneous feeling.  My favorite places are Charleston and NYC.  I would love to go to Europe (anywhere in Europe)!

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

9. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I think my morning routine is as close to perfect happiness as it gets – I kiss my husband, make my coffee and and drink this amazing green smoothie on my back porch, listen to Walking on Sunshine radio on Pandora, and head to the gym.  I really do think sometimes it’s the simplest things that make us the most happy.  :)

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

10.  What is your greatest extravagance?
I have a weakness for really beautiful shoes – my most recent conquest, a pair of studded Louboutins, are on display on my dresser right now.  ;)
11. What do you most fear?
I’m terrified of mosquitoes, which makes no sense in South Georgia because getting bitten is part of everyday life!

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

12.  What living person do you most admire?
I most admire my husband.  He inspires me every day with his smile and his drive to work hard.  He has done everything to support me chasing my dreams, and I couldn’t do what I do without him.

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

13.  What’s your spirit animal and why?
I had to find an online quiz for this one.  It says that my spirit animal is a spider – something about lots of feminine energy, lol!  But most probably, my spirit animal is my pomeranian, Dolce.  He is blonde in every sense of the word, and loves a good nap and chasing squirrels.

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

14.  What’s your greatest achievement?

I am proud to have chased a career in my two favorite parts of esthetics.  I accomplished 1000 hours of training (two years) with Dollface by Jules to become a professional makeup artist, and I achieved the status of educator in the field of sugaring.  I am so passionate about makeup and about sugaring, and to have a career that allows me to focus on my favorite things is my greatest achievement.

Savannah Southern Sugaring Waxing Spa Dollface by Jules

More information:

Southern Sugaring
Jessica sugars on Tuesdays in the Dollface by Jules studio (appointments available online via or by email at at
30 West Broughton St., Savannah, GA.
She is available to travel to homes and salons for special appointments.  She also offers certification classes monthly, and those dates and information can be found on the website.
She also is a professional makeup artist represented by Dollface by Jules.  She does wedding, editorial, film and television, and runway makeup.





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