Ashlyn & Ben | A Sea Island Engagement

November 24, 2023

Sea Island Engagement couple sit against a wall

Ashlyn and Ben are engaged! With their wedding fast approaching, we knew it would be imperative to have their engagement session sooner than later. So, we set ourselves up for the trip down to the world famous Cloister at Sea Island and let me tell you. They Rocked it.

As a Sea Island Wedding Photographer, I find myself down here quite often for obvious reasons. Though, it isn’t every day a couple requests that they have their engagement photos taken here. So, I jumped with glee when Ashlyn and Ben told me their plans.

I love Sea Island. It is such a classy and refreshing place and the Cloister at Sea Island is the diamond among the gems. And thankfully, Ashlyn and Ben love it as well.

Ashlyn and Ben have known each other since Middle School and would often come to Sea Island to just hang out for the day. Which is why when Ben proposed, he did it in Savannah!

So, she wouldn’t be made aware of his plans, he planned a nice getaway weekend to Savannah and proposed to her on River Street. He even invited all of their family and friends to the occasion.

Needless to say, Ashlyn was surprised But, in the best way.

Enough surprises though, they wanted their wedding and engagement session to be somewhere they grew up loving. Of course, it had to be Sea Island. It’s where they fell in love spending nights walking on the beach, taking in the live music and just being near one another.

Let me say this candidly. I love “Love”. I love the way a couple looks into the eyes of one another and the energy that radiates off of them when I photograph them.

Ashlyn and Ben had that energy in droves.

Every position, pose, and candid I took of them came so naturally, because they spent the better part of their lives loving one another. It was second nature to them.

Walking with them, only to stop them from time to time to grab a specific photo, I fell in love with them. As an engagement photographer, they made it seem like I was just a documentarian. Capturing the love they shared for one another in a live setting.

In truth, that is what I am. I document love through my photography. But, sometimes with certain couples, it can get a little difficult for them to show that in front of a camera.

Not these two. And I am forever grateful for it.

With Love,



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