Erin & Jason | Ships of the Sea Museum savannah

December 5, 2023

In the downtown historic district of Savannah, sits a hidden gem of a Wedding venue. With a vine-covered event space with a lovely maple grove, Ships of the Sea has become a must-have venue for many of my more eclectic clients.

And Erin and Jason were just that.

A beautiful quirky couple that welcomed the rain on their wedding day (It’s easier to hide the tears) they chose to have their first look at the Garden of Fragance in Forsyth Park.

First off, Umm Yes!

I love this garden. Even more than I love the Scarbrough garden. It embodies my love of Paris, and considering it was designed by Parisian Landscape Architect, George Bignault as his final work, it embodies a certain spirit of France.

Along with Forsyth Park, but we’ll go further in on that another time.

With the First Look held at my lovely little French Garden, I nearly cried seeing how much love Erin and Jason poured into one another. Under adorable umbrellas that I supply to my clients when it decides to rain on their big day, they laid eyes on each other for the first time.

The world stopped for just a brief moment.

Then it turned right back on again when Jason’s face became a portrait of emotion. He saw his bride and it seemed like he fell in love all over again.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum Wedding

At the William Scarbrough House located at 41 Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard, small ship models and paintings can be found among the walls of the assembly room. Portraits of citrus groves and of course Steamship Savannah. The largest private steamship to cross the Atlantic.

Throughout the maritime exhibit, collections of antiques and artifices can be found, meant to be seen, not touched. (Sorry!)

Gifts from many, either from far near or abroad. The Historic Savannah Foundation being its largest contributor. Among all of the incredible pieces through the entirety of the museum, it would be difficult to state any as being as beautiful as the North Garden.

An open-air ceremony and reception area, the north garden provides ample space and views to create a stunning wedding. A bubble exit is also something to write home about.

Which was exactly what Jason and Erin had for their own wedding.

Following their beautiful ceremony in the courtyard at Ships of the Sea Museum Savannah, the couple took their love in doors.

Away from the rain.

There, they shared a lovely first dance, among family and friends. After quite a few drinks and dancing from all guests, it was time for their beautiful exit.

And exit that would include a twirl, which was just adorable!

To say Erin and Jason were a treat to serve on their wedding day would be woefully lacking. They were a couple of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.

With Love,


If you would like the Izzy + Co team to photograph your own Ships of the Sea event, or any event, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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