Ben and Viv – Wedding Photography – Bristol, England

August 26, 2010

The wedding post you’ve been waiting for is here!! Ben and Viv won my destination wedding photography contest and I feel very blessed to have gotten to know them and to have shared in their wonderful day. Martin and I were fortunate enough to meet Ben and Viv prior to their wedding when we were in London over Easter break. I, of course, was nervous! But as soon as I saw them, I just knew we were going to be perfect for each other. FIrst off, I just loved Viv’s style. She showed up in the cutest little dress and oxford heels, and oh my how I LOVE oxfords. Second, they fed us PIZZA. They knew the way to our hearts – delicious food!. Over lunch, we just talked and laughed like great friends. After lunch, Viv opened my eyes to the wonders of London’s market shopping. Now, I have to live there because there’s not better place for vintage and handmade finds! Oh dear! I just get excited reliving that day! So needless to say, I was super excited for Ben and Viv’s wedding day. That morning, I helped the girls with some last minute decorations (thats right, Im a multitasking photographer!) and then hung out with them and Viv’s family while they got ready. Viv wore a stunning Rosetta Nicolini dress.

Isn’t Viv stunning? Yes, she is. And I love her “something blue.”

Viv’s friend handmade her veil for her. LOVE.

Don’t these ladies look like a blast? Im so thankful for my clients!

Ill say it again. Vivienne!!! You are GORGEOUS!

Meanwhile, Ben and the boys had a big breakfast together and Martin hung out with them while they got ready.

For Ben’s sake, I hope Viv knows how to iron! :)

Every groomsman received a pair of cufflinks, and they were all different.

Ben is a handsome fella, and his Liberty of London tie makes me swoon.

The ceremony was in a beautiful Anglican church with so many beautiful details.

After the ceremony, guests moved to the garden for cocktails.  This was such a good idea because it allowed Ben and Viv to visit with all of their guests, wind down a bit after the ceremony and it allowed me such a beautiful location for portraits!

Look at this delicious light!

I like it when my brides give me sass!

This was super special.  Ben and Viv took me to the bench where he proposed so we could get some portraits there.  This is why I love my job.

One of my favorite things about Ben and Viv’s wedding was the venue, Bordeaux Quay.  It is a converted warehouse overlooking the quay in Bristol.  It is internationally recognized for its contribution to sustainable development and environmental efficiency.  For example, when renovating, materials were sent to be recycled, when possible things within the building were reused or repurposed and only sustainable materials were sourced for building.  Other things include: a hot water panel on the roof, low energy and motion sensored lighting, skylights and large windows for natural light and ventilation, employees are encouraged to walk or bike to work, and rain water is collected to flush toilets.  Being environmentally aware is important to me.  Reusing and repurposing materials is something that I value in my life and my business. So this venue was so awesome!

Guests found their name on a seating card. On the back was a fun true or false question about either Ben or Viv.  During dinner, the questions were asked and everyone voted true or false. This was such a cool idea to me, it was so funny and got everyone laughing.

Guests enjoyed a crab salad, braised shoulder of lamb with spring vegetables, and a raspberry almond tart with clotted cream for dessert. Bordeaux Quay uses organic, seasonal, fresh ingredients. The food was to die for.  Viv is from China, so as a way to bring in some Chinese tradition, her party favors were Chinese wife cakes.

Another tradition that was brought into the reception is a Danish tradition – every time Ben left the room, all the guys had to come and kiss Viv.  And every time Viv left the room, all the ladies had to kiss Ben.

During dinner, guests enjoyed a slideshow of pictures from Ben and Viv’s life.

Another Chinese tradition – Ben and Viv went around to every table and, with their guests, shouted “Yum Bui” really loudly, which means “Cheers”.

They also incorporated a French tradition where everyone stands up and twirls their napkins in the air to congratulate the couple.

Ben and Viv, Martin and I thank you so so much for allowing us to be a part of your day.  We were really blown away by the hospitality of you and your families.  I am so happy that we are now friends!


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