Carisa & Shane – Fall Sparkly Wedding – Brotherhood Winery, NY

January 22, 2014

I haven’t posted my 2014 goals yet, but of course one of them is to a better blogger this year.  I need to come up with a plan and stick with it!  Looking back, it’s been since November since I’ve blogged a wedding! And its certainly not for lack of having any to blog, that’s for sure – last year my business grew like crazy and I had 18 weddings! Yay!  But I figured y’all were aching for some eye candy before I take it back to serious business talk.

And eye candy is exactly what you’re about to get.  You’re about to see one of the prettiest, most thoughtful weddings I’ve experienced.  Maybe I’m partial because Carisa and Shane happen to be good friends, and good friends we made while living in Madrid to boot.  And maybe this wedding was even more special to me because it was like a mini reunion with much of our European family.  And maybe also I love this wedding because my bestie, Audrey of French Knot Studios, flew up to NY to style it.  And it could also be that it took place during my favorite season – and in the NY countryside, the Fall leaves are super vibrant!  ALL of these extraordinary things were made even more extraordinary by the limitless love and energy that surged through the entire wedding weekend.  Carisa and Shane are pretty special people and to see people come from all over the world to celebrate with them was just plain amazing.  So enough talking, and on with photos!…

Fall Sparkly Brotherhood Winery Hudson Valley NY Wedding Photographer

The day started at Villa Stonegate, an incredible historic house that provided the most gorgeous backdrop for the entire weekend.


Shane had Audrey make Carisa a scarf using photos from their years of dating – “a trip down memory lane.”  He’s full of sweet surprises like that.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding05_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding06_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding07_photo

I will always vote for mismatched bridesmaids.  And you really can’t go wrong in different shades of shimmer, can you?Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding08_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding09_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding10_photo

Martin hung with the guys at a nearby hotel.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding11_photo

Carisa surprised Shane with a jersey and one of their engagement photos signed by his favorite footballer.  Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding12_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding13_photo

While planning their wedding, one thing was for certain – Carisa and Shane knew they had to be married in a stone church.  Luckily for them, the nearby Chapel of the Holy Name was the most quaint stone church with a breaktaking view.  However, the day of the wedding was super misty and foggy so you could barely see a thing.  But, I like to think that Shane’s family brought it with them from Ireland and it really actually added to the ambiance of the day.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding14_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding15_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding16_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding17_photo

The ceremony was sweet and heartfelt, made personal by handwritten vows.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding18_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding19_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding20_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding21_photo

Thankfully everyone braved the misty weather for photos because really, THESE LEAVES!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding22_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding23_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding24_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding25_photo


The reception took place at Brotherhood Winery – the oldest winery in the states!Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding28_photo

Before going in, we roamed the grounds for more photos…Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding29_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding30_photo

…and found sweet little love notes carefully planted by Shane.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding31_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding32_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding33_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding34_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding35_photo

The decor was thoughtfully planned and incorporated Carisa and Shane’s love of travel.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding36_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding37_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding38_photo

Each table featured a different architectural drawing (by Carisa) of a favorite watering hole from around the world.  The flower containers were all different kinds of drinking vessels as well – clever, eh?!Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding39_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding40_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding41_photo

No detail was overlooked – from the signature cocktails to the menus to the place card bellybands.Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding42_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding44_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding45_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding46_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding47_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding48_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding49_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding50_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding51_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding52_photo

The custom photobooth area created by French Knot Studios was a hit with the guests!Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding53_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding54_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding55_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding56_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding57_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding58_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding59_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding61_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding62_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding63_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding64_photo

As the drink kept flowing, Irish dancing naturally ensued – and happened to be one of my favorite parts of the evening!Brotherhood_Winery_Wedding65_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding66_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding67_photoBrotherhood_Winery_Wedding68_photo

Carisa and Shane – I CANNOT thank you enough for including Martin and me in your amazing wedding.  Your generosity, hospitality and love for all your friends and family is simply inspiring.  We are incredible lucky to know you and have you as friends.  Here’s to a lifetime of adventures!

Vendors & Details:

Getting Ready Rental Home:  Villa Stonegate, Newburgh, NY

Church: Chapel of the Holy Name, Cragsmoor, NY

Reception Venue: Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, NY

Caterer: InnCredible Caterers

Band: Brotherhood Band

Ceremony Musician: Glenn Roth

Dress: Wtoo “Mimi Gown”

Jewelry: Rent the Runway

Makeup: LeAnne Stack  & Fara Shoudy

Hair: Kathy Stack

Purse: Vintage Whiting & Davis Co. from 1930’s purchased from jazzymoonz on Etsy

Handkerchief: Vintage Handkerchief yellow rose embroidered applique with hand finished edge purchased from lasadana on etsy

Floral Design: (bouquets and hair pieces) French Knot Studios

Reception Bow Belt: French Knot Studios

Groom’s and Groomsmen Suits:  Men’s Warehouse BLACK BY VERA WANG GRAY SLIM FIT TUXEDO

Pocket Squares: Custom made by French Knot Studios

Cake: Baked Euphoria, Endwell, NY

Reception décor (signs on tables, installation, photo booth background & props, menus & place settings, cake topper): French Knot Studios

DIY projects:

  • Directional wood signs at Church and Reception
  • Wood card chest made of reclaimed barn wood with décor on
  • Gold glittered vessels
  • Monogrammed wine crates
  • Escort card travel tags
  • Architectural drawings/stories on table names
  • Whisk favors



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