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January 25, 2014


By the way I talk about her, I’m sure you all know that I think Audrey, of French Knot Studios, is one of the best things that has happened for my business.  Because, you see, you cannot do it all alone.  Its pretty important to surround yourself with a team, even if it is one person, that shares your enthusiasm and goals and dreams and has different skills or strengths to bring to the table.  That way you can totally help each other, grow ideas together and pick up each other’s slack.

I am super lucky to have Audrey on my team.  She is amazing at taking a tiny little glimpse of an idea or piece of inspiration and making something happen.  We absolutely share the same loves and dreams and goals and we just work so easily together.  It sounds so corny but we just know what each other is thinking or what each other will like or we can anticipate what each other will need so that our workflow is just natural.  Its pretty great actually.

I love our regular chats over coffee and macarons where we plan our next great idea, gorgeous photo shoot, or how we’re going to make other fabulous people our friends.  Its these pep talks that keep me going and keep me excited about what I’m doing.  Audrey gives me the confidence (and often the know-how) to do awesome things.

One awesome thing that had always been in the back of our minds was starting our own magazine.  We are always planning shoots to submit to other publications that we love but there was always a tug to create our own magazine entirely.  I mean why not, right!?

Soooooooooooo……….we did.  Let’s Play, Dear was born out of a love for all things “lifestyle” – fashion, shopping, parties, recipes, restaurants, styling and more.  We wanted a platform that would not only showcase who WE ARE and WHAT WE CAN DO outside of the wedding world but we also want to continuously collaborate with and showcase the other creatives around us.

We have two beautiful issues under our belt – a Fall Fashion issue and a Holiday Sparkle issue – both of which can be found on our brand spanking new website (designed by Audrey – yeah, she does that too :) and we can also be found on facebook (make sure you go “like” us!)

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