Budapest, Hungary – Memento Park & Szczesny Baths

August 5, 2011

To say we were excited to visit Budapest, Hungary is an understatement.  We have always heard amazing things about this city – that its beautiful and so much fun to go out in.  We arrived, stinky and sweaty, to our very sweet couchsurfing hosts’ apartment after a long overnight train ride.  Them being a southern American couple, it was nice being treated to our infamous southern hospitality!  After lunch, we took a stroll around.  This is the Parliament building on the Danube.

Some pretty churches.  Note the beautiful tiling on this first one.

I just love the restaurants and store fronts.  There’s just beauty in all the architecture here that you just don’t get in the states.

We took a big walk along the Danube back to the apartment.  Im glad we did because the next day was a nasty gray sad day, and in these pictures the sky is just so happy!

Budapest has got lots of pretty bridges: The Liberty Bridge

The Elizabeth Bridge.

The Chain Bridge.

The next day was super gray and drizzly so we thought it appropriate to visit Memento Park.  This is where they have dumped all the communist statues and plaques from when Hungary was in the Communist Block.

Then, since it was such a dreary day, we decided to take advantage of the Hungarian bath culture.  One of the most famous baths, the Szczesny Baths, are located in City Park.  So we took a little walk around the park before going in.

This hour glass measures the whole year! Its suppose to be one of the biggest in the world, if not THE biggest.

On the lake in the park are all these sculptures, its really quite fun! And if the weather’s nice, you can take a little paddle boat out!

This one was my favorite.

Then we finally went into the baths.  The building itself is lovely!! Its only about $20 to get in and that includes a private cabin to get dressed.  It was so nice to be pampered for an afternoon! We just hopped from bath to sauna to different bath to steam room to another bath again!

I only got pictures of the outside pool but most of it is actually inside.  The outside pool is huge and has lots of jets to massage any sore muscles.

If youd like to see more, go visit Martin’s travel blog because he’s got lots more info and more pictures too! Im so happy to be in Croatia, but Im hot and tired and ready for bed! Good night yall!


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