Budapest, Hungary – Castle Hill, Matthias Church, Andrássy út

August 6, 2011

The third day we were in Budapest, we got up early to go see Castle Hill.  Its this huge complex on top of a hill in the Buda part of Budapest.  You can take a funicular up and down to save your legs.

Once a palace, this building is now the National Art Museum but since it was Monday, it was closed and we couldn’t go in.

You have a great view of the Danube.

Then we went inside Matthias Church.  Nowadays, if you have to pay to enter a church, we usually decline…because for one, its ridiculous to have to pay to go inside a church and two, after awhile they all look the same.  But Im sure glad we went into this one.  First of all, the church has the beautiful roof tiling that is typical of Hungarian architecture.  But the inside, oh the inside!

Everything is painted with beautiful colors and designs, its so whimsical, I love it!

I love this window.

Then outside again, theres more cool castle-y things.  Forgive my lack of historical knowledge, I just think castles are way cool.

The Parliament building.  Hungarians wanted their Parliament to look like the one in London, just bigger, hah!

The Geleti Train Station.

Then we took a walk along the famous street – Andrássy út.  The buildings along this tree lined street are just beautiful.

Oh, and then there’s this: the House of Terror.  Apparently tons of people were tortured and killed here.  Their pictures line the building.  Creepy.

Our last sight was Saint Stephen’s Basilica.

Tired from a full day of walking, we climbed on board our last night train – to Belgrade, Serbia.


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