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July 9, 2011

The next day we headed to one of our favorite cities in Spain, San Sebastian. We had just visited San Sebastian a few months ago with our room mates and we loved it so we knew we wanted to take my parents there. I didnt take as many pictures this time around so if you want to see more, go to the original post here.  On our way we stumbled along this lovely view!  The spanish countryside in the north is so freaking beautiful.

There were a few things that we saved to do with my parents and one was hiking up to see this statue on a big hill that you can see from the beach.  Martin was told that it is Saint Sebastian, but we later found out that its actually Jesus and his Sacred Heart.  Martin stayed behind to write while my mom, dad and I trekked up this hill.  Someone told us it’d take about 30 min, but for us, that meant 2 hours!  But it was a nice walk with lots of pretty old armament walls, nature, a cemetery, etc.  We FINALLY got to the top where we visited a small museum and got a panoramic view of the city.

Last time, Martin and I found that they give catamaran cruises and knew that would be something right up my parents alley.  It was cheap too, only 8 euros for a 45 minute ride around the harbor.  It was lovely.  Also, if you know my dad, he will strike up a conversation with ANYONE.  Thanks to him, we met a very sweet couple and their kids.  She is half Basque and her uncle has a house in San Sebastian so they come to visit every couple of years….que suerte!!

Do you remember the HUGE seafood platter I had to help the boys finish last time? Well its all I could think about for days.  My mom and I ordered it and demolished it! Yum yum!

I still have lots to blog from this road trip with my parents and only one more day before we fly to Greece…oh dear Im so behind!!!


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