Devin & Rae – Iconic Wedding Vibes

February 13, 2024

I’m all in my Wedding Vibes with this one.

This last fall, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing one of the loveliest and honestly, really cool couples, I have had the pleasure of photographing. In a world where being in one’s vibe is all the rage, Devin and Rae rocked it.

It certainly helped that their color palette was soft whites, blacks, blues and greens. A simple, yet elegant color scheme that allowed them to pop on their wedding day. Rae’s choice for a wedding dress designer was exquisite as her lovely gown was designed by the incomparable House of Renhue. A lovely satin & lace gown that absolutely melted on her shoulders.

In fact, when it came to the question of whether or not Rae would have lace, she was torn.

“As a young girl, I had envisioned a gown made of delicate, intricate lace. However, as I matured, I found
myself drawn to clean, minimal looks. As I began shopping for dresses, I was constantly torn between the
two -so, why not have both?”


And that is exactly what Rae did. Her gown was a lovely modern sleek piece with a column silhouette that she adorned with a stunning Chantilly Lace Cape.

With Rae’s gown created to be an elegant yet soft piece, Devin’s black tux with a bow tie was a perfect match for this modern wedding.

Then of course, what would this be without at least mentioning the elegant and modern style of The Cloister at Sea Island.

A wedding venue crafted out of the new world, made to be a modern paradise of sheer luxury.

The Cloister matched Devin and Rae’s vision of their wedding style. Which was a good thing, as they both fell in love with the Cloister long before their wedding day. In fact, it was the very place that Devin proposed to Rae.

An oft traveled stay for the couple while they were dating, as they found themselves on St. Simon’s island visiting Rae’s mother quite often. It only made sense to hold the wedding at these historic estates. While then moving to a close friends home for a smaller, backyard reception.

An Intimate Affair

With a venue, wedding theme inspiration, wedding planning and color palette all complete. It merely came down to design elements, which Rae hand designed all of her invitations herself. A beautiful style of calligraphy that was reminiscent of the old world for this destination wedding.

To say Rae and Devin did their absolute all to give these iconic wedding vibes would still be an understatement.

Both Devin and Rae only invited a select few to celebrate their big day. Deciding early on in the planning process that they wanted an intimate small wedding. Not a lavish event. A modern, sleek and stylish affair for those closest to them.

“With a guest count of only 12, our intimate celebration allowed us to infuse every element with love and
attention to detail. It was important to us to pour over every detail of the day, as our guests would be
intimately familiar with all of it. Devin and I embraced our passion for creating by designing our invitation

The end result of this detailed planning and the realization of Rae and Devin’s dream wedding was absolutely stunning. As I said before, it had me all caught up in my Wedding Vibes.

If I could photograph these two every weekend, it would be my pleasure. They were such a lovely and beautiful couple with an eye for detail. Something I look for in my all of my couples.

Their inner beauty and thought and design provided for an astonishing event. One they will cherish for a life time.

As well as I.

With Love


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Iconic Wedding Vibes
Bride and groom kissing at first look.
Wedding Vibes.

Custom made engagement ring and bands: Cummings Jewelry Design in Birmingham
Shoes – Sarah Flint
Bride’s Hair – Southern Belle by MariaNoel
Invitations and Calligraphy were handmade by Rae!
Bouquets and boutonniere: A Courtyard Florist
Chair and Table Rentals – Beachview Rentals

Video: Mary Clare Kolbush Films


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