Downtown Savannah Family Session

June 14, 2022

Shauna Mooney is a delightfully artsy and talented lady who has an amazing sense of fashion and style.  She is also a Disney expert, often acting the role of Disney princesses. She also keeps a blog about her travels! We have been Instagram friends for a while, and she finally reached out to me to photograph her most adorable family. I was so happy to meet this sweet family in person, and I was so excited to join them for a downtown Savannah family session and capture some lovely moments!

Downtown Savannah Family Session

For this session, we walked around downtown Savannah, looking for great places to take photos. Obviously, Forsyth Park was a must! You know I love photos in front of the gorgeous fountain. But there are so many places around the Park that are great for photos too.

We also went to the Alex Raskin Antiques building, which is such an amazing backdrop. Some of my favorite photos from the session are in front of that old mansion. This building was built in 1869, and is such a classic staple of Savannah. It’s just a block from Forsyth, and is a must-stop when you visit. The old plaster exterior and greenery make it one of my favorite places for portraits.

How to Bring Print into Your Family Session

I absolutely love how coordinated this family was! One of my favorite things to write about is how to coordinate your outfits for family sessions. It’s always important to have coordinating colors, but you might be wondering how to coordinate when someone is wearing print. The trick is to pick one statement outfit and build everyone else around it. I recommend keeping everyone else in solids or more subtle prints and colors.

So, the Mooney family coordinated around Shauna’s fun blue dress covered in palm trees. Her husband and son, stayed in the same color family and kept to more subtle prints. They looked perfect together! The shades of blue all tied in together, while allowing each family member to stand out.

This downtown Savannah family session was so much fun, and I’m glad I finally got to work with Shauna and her beautiful family! If you’d love your own family session, say hello! We can work together to create the best session for your family.

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