G & S – Lovey Dovey Session – Madrid, Spain

March 20, 2011

These two cuties met each other at a New Year’s Eve party a little over a year ago and ever since have been inseparable.  Until now. After college, he moved back home to Kuwait and she stayed in Colorado.  She told me their story and let me know they decided to vacation together in Madrid.  She wanted some professional pictures to document their stay in this big beautiful city.

I think this is a genius idea! Think about it. You spend your hard earned money on a big trip to a wonderful exotic place.  You pack all your favorite clothes and you spend your time walking around with your favorite person.  But do you ever get any good pictures of you together? Not likely!  I know that these two are going to treasure these photos and it was such an honor to give them that gift!

Without meeting them before the shoot, I really had no idea what to expect but from the moment they walked out of their hotel door, I loved them.  She has the most infectious smile and laugh and he is the sweetest guy.  Its impossible not have fun around them.  They remind me why I love my job!

We started in the Plaza de Oriente, between Opera and the Royal Palace.  I was worried with all the cold and rainy weather we had been having but this day was just glorious!

Look at this girl! She’s the type of person that makes the world better. Period.

These are the sweet intimate moments that I love to capture.

Hello. Supermodels.

These two knew how to turn on the flirt and sass!

He was nervous at first. Im not sure why, he’s so freaking handsome!

Look at how happy they make each other!

This is Kilometer 0.  Its in Sol and marks the exact center of the city.  All of the main roads in Spain radiate out from this point.

This wall was such a lucky find! Gladys’s last name is Pena! Look at her work it, gorgeous!

Again, can we say gorgeous? This girl is striking.  And below, Salem is absolutely cool.

Gladys and Salem. Really. I had the best day with you two. Thanks so much for contacting me! Im so lucky to be able to call you friends now. I know yall are going to continue to be great together and do amazing things in your lives! Thanks for letting me share in your awesomeness!


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