Hiring a hair and makeup artist for your photoshoot

February 18, 2011

So you want professional photos? If you are going to spend money on having awesome professional pictures made, chances are you want to look your absolute best.  I recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done as well.  I know for some people, this might be an investment, but pictures are forever and it makes a BIG difference!  A stylist can even help you pick your outfit and accessories.  They will know what photographs well and what is flattering for your body.  I recently had my hair and makeup done by the oh so talented Leo Rodriguez Pulido and while we were out photographing him, I had him snap a few portraits of me.  I couldn´t pass up the chance to get some pictures of me looking this good for my website.
Normally I feel very awkward in front of the camera.  Im very self conscience about my skin, my smile, my belly, everything! So if you are also nervous or feel awkward, I completely understand!
But with my Victorias’ Secret model hair and my makeup properly applied, I felt beautiful.  And it showed.
This is the key.  If you truly feel special and beautiful, like you are the coolest kid on the block, it WILL show in your pictures and you will have the best time!  Now there are people who feel this way all the time, but most of us need a little help so, invest in your pictures and hire a stylist, it makes a HUGE difference!

A big thank you again to Leo, you are wonderful!


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