Innsbruck & Hall in Tirol, Austria – Travel Photography

January 21, 2011

After driving around southern Germany for about a week, we went to Austria to see our friends Rachel and Thomas.  They now live in Hall in Tirol, right outside of Innsbruck.  Their little town is so amazing.  Its 500 years old and looks exactly like it did then.  Rachel told me, that since most people back then couldn´t read, they painted the buildings corresponding to what business it was.  So all the buildings are colorful and have beautifully ornate signs.   Plus everytime you cross a street, you see the snow capped mountains peeking through.  I was seriously in heaven.  A girl after my own heart, she knew their apartment was perfect because it was on the street with the pony!

Look how lovely the post office is!

It was freeeeeezing! But all the bushes and trees were icy and dazzling in the sun.

The next day, Thomas took us into Innsbruck and its just as beautiful and preserved! Just LOOK at this building, its like a cupcake!

This bar was in the plaza outside this church.  I thought it was hysterical!

More cupcake buildings!

And ponies!

This part of the world is now a new favorite for sure.  Its just so amazingly pretty and old, I really felt like I had been taken to another time or place.  Its a really special feeling.  Thanks Rachel and Thomas for having us!


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