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May 29, 2011

Our good friend Chiara recently had her 28th birthday! To help her celebrate we went to Milan for the weekend to hang out with her.  Having never really heard that many great things about Milan, I didn´t go with ANY expectations. But I have to say I liked it.  Its not like other Italian cities where you have to pay out the ass to even look at any thing.  Even the Duomo was FREE.  We like free.  Its got nice parks and pretty plazas.  Here´s a little collage of some details.

This first picture is the train station, isnt it lovely? Im going to miss just how lovely everything is in Europe.  We just don´t have that in the states.

This structure is a GORGEOUS shopping area with big name designers like Louis Vuitton and Prada…..and McDonalds (!?!) even the posh people like to get their Big Mac on.  Im not really the biggest fan of Louis Vuitton because I think he makes people look like walking cookie cutters but I do love his window displays, they are awesome.

This is the Duomo.  Italy´s churches are unfreakingbelievable on the outside.  However, the insides are so dark and heavy and gloomy, not my favorite.  Except for the floors, look at that!!!

When you stand on the steps of the Duomo and look out over the plaza, this is what you see.

The Duomo and plaza at sunset.

Here is a little area of the city where there is a canal – with lots of little restaurants, bars and shops.

Sforzesco Castle.

Me and the birthday girl, Happy Birthday Chiara! We had a blast with you in Milan and we love you!


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