Valeria and Stuart – Aranjuez, Spain – Madrid Portrait Photographer

May 31, 2011

A few weekends ago, we went out to Aranjuez with some friends, Stuart and Valeria.  If you haven’t noticed, we go out to Aranjuez a lot! Its only a 45 minute ride on the Cercanias from Madrid.  The Royal Familly’s summer palace is out there with GORGEOUS gardens.  There’s a nice little market on Saturdays.  They’re known for their enormous strawberries in the summer.  Plus, one of our favorite restaurants, El Barín, is out there.  So whenever someone wants to go, we jump at the chance.  Stuart and Valeria share our love for good food so anytime one of us knows about a great place that the other does not, we go and stuff our faces! So, a trip to El Barín was in order!  Before eating, we took a stroll through the gardens.  Stuart and Valeria both are very outdoorsy, adventurous people. (They met while Stuart was doing peace corps in Peru.)  So I thought that the gardens, with its gorgeous trees, flowers and fields would be the perfect place for their Lovey Dovey session.

Some of that latina passion has definitely rubbed off on Stuart, look at that kiss!

Everywhere you turn there’s pretty little places to shoot, like this lovely weeping willow type tree.

These are hands down my favorite pictures from the session.  There was this little island with these HUGE trees, it was Martin’s idea to shoot there actually so a big THANKS to him because these are just awesome I think!

Can we say canvas, I mean hello.

Valeria, its kind of unfair how lovely you are!

Mmmmmm love!

Its like an overload on cuteness, isnt it?

And I dont think Stuart realizes how SMOKIN he is either.

A sweet end to a sweet day!

Stuart and Valeria! Im so glad we are friends, yall are just too good! Thanks so much for your friendship…..and eating adventures!


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