Newborn Photos: Yay or Nay?

August 21, 2023

Something struck me the other day.

I was leaving Target and passed by one of the child-accessible shopping carts. You know the bulky ones that push like you’re steering a boat?

This triggered a memory of pushing my own children in those same carts when they were that age. In a moment, I felt a sense of intense longing. Because, that moment, that time was just a flash in the pan. And a part of me misses it.

It feels like you blink and all of a sudden they are saying words, walking, writing, learning to ride a bike, or tying their shoes. In just the blink of an eye. When they said children grow up fast, they were not lying.

It’s the main reason I love being a Newborn Photographer.

Capturing this moment before you can truly realize how rare and precious it is. Newborn portraits are an opportunity to not just remember, but a way to reach through time itself and embrace that moment. To hug that tiny little baby who has grown up so fast.

So, when thinking about the question of whether or not you should have your newborn photos taken. It’s so much more than just a yes or no answer. Because the magnitude of the moment should absolutely matter and just calling them newborn photos doesn’t seem efficient. These are precious moments that you do not get back, other than with photography.

A couple, their newborn and their dog all stare forward and smile, while laying on a bed.

Specifically, Lifestyle Newborn Photography 

Being able to go back home and look at the newborn photos hanging on my own wall was cathartic to say the least. Even though I am not able to live in that moment physically does not mean I am unable to briefly satiate that longing for that moment. Through those captured little moments in time hanging on my wall, I’m able to grace the past.

Because, in truth, I do like sleeping through the night so printed collections of my children when they were just newborn babies is the way to go.

So, take it from me, not just because I’m a photographer who happens to adore newborn pictures. But take it from me as a mother who has watched their little ones grow. Do not let this moment slip.

Book your session today and ensure you have those priceless photos of your sweet little one for all time

With love,



Izzy is an award-winning Newborn Photographer based in Athens. If you are expecting, don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s create memories with tasteful photo shoots.



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