Our last month in Madrid

November 5, 2011

After we completed the Camino de Santiago, we had a fun filled last month in Madrid.  First, our friend Molly and her boyfriend came for a visit.  You may remember Molly from our adventures in France last summer.  Like we do with any visitor, we made sure to take them to all our favorite restaurants, including La Musa in Malasaña.

Then several of Sriroop’s buddies came into town from London for one of their 30th birthdays.  We went out with them one night to Mi Madre Era Una Groupie in Huertas, a great little place that plays 80’s and indie.

We stayed in Madrid for the month of October so that we could shoot our dear friends, Richelle and Luis’, wedding.  I took them around Plaza Mayor for their engagements, which Ill post soon, but was sure to catch a few details here and there of the city.

Here are just a few snapshots with friends.  On the left you have Bea, my sweet sweet Spanish friend, whom I met with on a weekly basis to practice my Spanish.  For two years, we got to know each other and really loved our regular walks/talks.  I will miss her so much! And on the right you have the ever fab Leo who I could always rely on to make me pretty.  Ladies in Madrid, seriously, if you need a hair or makeup stylist, this is your man.

While we lived with Richelle and Luis, we had Spanish cooking lessons.  Amongst other things, we perfected our Spanish tortilla – its all in the flip!

Then it was my birthday! Leo did my hair and makeup and my friend Megan took a few photos of us in Plaza España.  I worked with Megan last year and she dabbles in my many different art forms, including photography.  She has a super natural talent for it – you can check out her work here.

Then we all went out for delicious noodles at El Rey de Tallarines near Plaza España.  Food is great, but don’t expect a lot out of the service.

We had the intention of a night of dancing but we went to our old apartment for pre-drinking and just never left.  All that was important to me was spending time with our friends – and yall made it a great birthday!

Then I had a lovely time getting to know Laura and Eric for their engagement session in Madrid.  We walked around the Huertas neighborhood and ended in the Retiro Park.  Huertas is such a cute area of Madrid that is quintessentially Spanish – with its bars and tiled walls.

We wanted to spend as much time with Sriroop and our other friends as possible so one night we all went bowling…which always equals a good time!

Right before the summer I discovered the Americanas in Madrid facebook page.  How I didn’t know about it sooner I have no idea.  It stinks because these ladies are so super cool and I would have loved to have known them sooner, but better late than never.  Every month they have a get together and for October, we did a pumpkin carving.  Notice how sadly small the pumpkins are in Spain.  Also notice the black face stickers – complete with instructions on the back of how to carve the pumpkin.  Ridiculous.

Here is Kristen, a very sweet sweet girl from Florida who I met before the summer.  We got together for many a coffee and just chatted about all sorts of things.  Im gonna miss that girl.  But she’s bringing her Spaniard over soon so I know we will hang out over here!

And don’t worry, no pumpkin carving night would be complete without baked pumpkin seeds!

Then, like last year, we were invited by Sriroop to the American Embassy Halloween party.  I went as Rainbow Bright, Martin as Michael Vick, Sriroop as  Roman soldier dude and Andrew as a skeleton.  We were the coolest there, clearly.

The very next day was Richelle and Luis’ wedding in Chinchon – it was AMAZING! and I can’t wait to share some photos.  I have something special in mind so it might be awhile before I can reveal them so patience people patience!

We spent the next day out in Morata with our Spanish parents, Grant and Angeles, for his birthday cookout.  We really owe so much to them.  Grant was our only contact when we first came to Spain in 2007 and since then, they both have been such good friends…..and more than friends…..they really have taken care of us.  I don’t think we would have had such an amazing time in Madrid if it wasn’t for them.  Grant and Angeles – we appreciate and love yall so much! And cant wait to see yall next time you visit the states!

We are now in NYC and we love it.  Yesterday we went to Brooklyn for the first time to visit our friends Andrew and Katy.  Im distraught that they no longer live in Savannah – with us living in Spain, we never really got to hang with them so much :( But who knows, maybe we will follow their lead and move up here! I’ve got a TON of things to blog so check back regularly!


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