Poland – Warsaw and Wroclaw – Travel Photography

December 28, 2010

Right now we are in Germany, near Mannheim, visiting some friends.  We are in the second city of our Christmas vacation.  Of course I will tell about that, but Im behind as usual so first things first – Poland.  At the beginning of December we had a looooooong holiday so we spent a little over a week in Poland.  I had no expectations and despite the frigid cold, I was amazed.  The cities are beautiful, the people friendly and the food spectacular.  And of course the Christmas markets, oh the Christmas markets!! You can read about it all on the travel blog.  First stop was Warsaw.  Warsaw certainly wasn’t the prettiest city but it was one of the most fun, thanks to our hosts! They really showed us a great time, feeding us, letting us meet and hang out with their awesome friends and taking us sledding!! These are the experiences you cannot get by staying at a hotel or hostel.  Thanks yall!

This is just to show you how COLD it was!!

A beautiful detail from a church.

Free hugs guy!

The Chopin Museum – used to be a palace.  I think I was way more interested in the lovely building than the exhibition.

Our next stop was Wroclaw……pronounced super crazy because of the Polish phonetics.  Beautiful little town!

Lovers put their names and dates on a lock and locked it to this bridge.  It was covered – such a cool thing!


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