Porto, Portugal – Travel Photography

October 20, 2009

So, as I said, we had a long holiday weekend, so we took up an offer from our friends to go with them to Porto, Portugal. We started driving early Saturday morning and stopped in Salamanca, Spain for lunch and some sightseeing. Martin and I had already been there but we enjoyed seeing the beautiful cathedral and Plaza Mayor again. We finally arrived into Porto around 7 in the evening, and after getting settled into our hostels, we roamed around the river front for dinner. We ate so well in Porto!! We all had a delicious dinner, finished off 2 bottles of wine, and had dessert for a fraction of the cost of something similar in the states. On Sunday, we sort of lounged around the city. We went into one of their many cathedrals, but this one is special because it houses the most gold leaf in all of Portugal (could even be all of Europe, Im not sure). It was definitely worth seeing. Most of the day we stayed by the river and drank wine. We went to another side of the city to see the Casa de Musica which is a very avant garde music/concert hall. It was really beautiful and funky inside and I couldnt help but think what a cool place it would be for a wedding reception! Then we walked along the nearby beach and watched the sunset and searched for sea glass. We ended the night with another delicious dinner at a tagine restaurant that we stumbled upon. We layed on the floor on pillows and played cards and drank more of Portugal’s yummy vino verde. I highly recommend this city! Enjoy the pictures!


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