Updates from Madrid + more photos from Ireland – Cliffs of Moher & The Burren

October 2, 2009

Yesterday was my very first day on the job. It takes me an hour to get out to my school, It is in Humanes de Madrid which is south of the city. I take a train to get out there, its nice though because it gives me a good walk and some reading time. Honestly, my first day was a little disappointing. Our orientation gave us great ideas of things we can do with our students, ways we can help our teachers, all sorts of materials we can create…..but my school has absolutely no techonology. We do have a small computer room but there is no technology in the classrooms – no computers, no overhead projectors, no laminating machines, really no resources for creating materials. About the only thing I have to work with is a CD player. So far I have only met and worked with one of my teachers. I will be working with four different teachers, with several different classes of students. Mostly I am working with 6-8 year olds but I think I do have one class of 5th graders. So Im eager to see how this next week goes, hopefully my other teachers are great and exciting, that my kids are good (bc so far they are very very unruly!), and that I will discover ways to actually make class fun. I will keep everyone updated.

In the meantime enjoy the last of the pictures I have from Ireland. These were taken during our little road trip to the Cliffs of Moher and The Burren. It was so beautiful there!!! We are finally able to use our abonos (our monthly metro/bus passes) so we are going to go out into the city today to see all the little neighborhoods we loved last time, to go see an Annie Leibowitz exhibition, go to a comic book signing, and whatever other fun we can find.


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