Protest in Sol – Madrid, Spain – Documentary Photography

June 11, 2011

I dont know if yall in the States have seen this on the news, but if you’re in Madrid its hard to miss.  There are hundreds of people protesting in Sol, the center of Madrid, and they’ve been there for 3 weeks.  Its really quite amazing to walk through.  They constructed a little city of tarps, tents, mattresses, tables, bookshelves, etc.  They planted a garden in the fountain and they even have a chef.  As you walk through, you see people playing chess, handing out info about cruelty to animals, making other propaganda posters, napping or playing music.  They are protesting the economic crisis in Spain, the 21% unemployment rate and the budget cuts demanded by the EU standards.  It started out small but organization came quick and they really have been living and protesting in this little city for 3 weeks! I read that they have reached an agreement to pack up and leave this Sunday….we will see.  For more information, here’s an article by CNN.

The main entrance to the metro is covered in posters.

You can see where they have planted vegetables in the fountain!

Here is Rafael, the chef, watering the plants.

Even the animals are participating!

People playing guitar…

People playing chess…

There are tents EVERYWHERE.

One thing about the Spanish, they love to protest…Im not sure if any good comes of it or not.  What do yall think?


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