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June 14, 2011

So in the last couple of weeks, we’ve been kind of lame honestly.  We are saving our money for this summer’s travels so we have not been going out for drinks or dinner, or going shopping, or NOTHING really.  We have been getting through till the end of school, Martin is finally finished and I have one more week left (Hooray!!!)  But here are a few highlights from the last couple of weeks!

We’ve started hosting people from Couch Surfing again.  In the last several weeks we’ve had 3 sets of couples come stay and they were all such fantastic guests.  If you are not familiar with Couch Surfing, look into it! I pretty much think its the greatest thing ever.  This is what makes the majority of our travels possible!  Here’s a picture of one couple, Shannon and Josh – yall are so sweet, thanks for being so great!  And that goes to all our guests, you guys rock.

When we went to Oporto, Portugal last year with our friends Rachel and Thomas, we got the contact info of this wine store, Garrafeira do Carmo, so we could order bottles of vinho verde or green wine in the future – we’re such connoisseurs now!  We split a case of wine last year with them, but since they moved to Austria we havent ordered any……until now!!!  Our shipment came in last week, aren’t they beautiful?

A case includes 15 bottles, we ordered 2 cases split between 3 people and it came out to be less than 4 euros a bottle.  I sure am going to miss how cheap wine is here!  Green wine is amazing and if you’ve never tried it, go look for it now!!! Its a very young wine that has a slight greenish tint, its very light and crisp and refreshing, delicious!!

Then, in honor of our friend Andrew’s birthday, Sriroop brought us home a surprise!

These little beauties are from Happy Day Bakery around the corner from our house, on Santa Engracia in Malasaña.  It’s one of the few places around Madrid where you can get a proper cupcake and they come at a pretty penny, but they sure are cute and very yummy.  I chose the one on the left and I sure am glad I did because it turned out to be carrot cake, YUM!

Then, our Spanish parents, Grant and Angeles, invited us out to their country home in Morata for a big birthday barbeque for several friends.  Babak and Sriroop came with us and we had a lovely evening dining on ribs and rabbit.  I love nights like that when you just chill outside with lots of good people, its really quite special!  But I don’t have any pictures! I know shame on me :(
**UPDATE** I got a few pictures from our friends:

This weekend we decided to treat ourselves so we went out with some friends for curry.  Really though, can I ever say no to curry?

Also, my parents will be here in less than 2 weeks! I can’t believe it, Im so excited!! We are going to drive them all throughout the north of Spain.  What are your summer plans?


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