Rachel and Thomas – Backyard Wedding – Paris, France

September 14, 2010

Rachel and Thomas met at a wedding in Costa Rica years ago.  Her friends were telling her about him and his friends were telling him about her.  They were quite certain that they were a perfect match.  And usually we should listen to our friends because in this case, they were absolutely right. Since that night, Rachel and Thomas’ love has developed all around the globe.  They are so complimentary – He is a thinker, very ordered and efficient and probably the smartest person I know.  She is a free spirit, organic and beautiful and a very talented artist.  Together, they are simply irresistible.  I am so so so glad that we met Rachel on our first day of orientation last year in Madrid.  We spent so many fun nights playing games, cooking dinner and playing music at their apartment in Aranjuez.  Now they live in Austria but I know that we will always be able to call them friends.  Thank you so so much for including us in your wedding day – it was perfect!!

The wedding took place at Thomas’ childhood home right outside of Paris.  Isn’t that awesome?

Rachel wore a lovely second hand dress that she had re-tailored just for her, accented with a beautiful sash.  She paired it with vintage shoes (my favorite!)

Rachel’s bouquet is my favorite of all time.  It just had the most beeeeeeautiful flowers including Celosia or cockscomb, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Also, Rachel wore a flower chain in her hair which I wish was a more popular trend because its just sweet as pie!

Rachel is not only artistically talented, but also musically.  She sings and dabbles with several instruments including the harmonica.  Its just not fair, is it? I love the inscription on the rings – “Pure Life”

Several family members were asked to help “officiate” the ceremony which made it super personal and special.

The entire ceremony, was of course in French, except for the passage which Rachel picked out for Thomas, which his mother read aloud in English.

Rachel and Thomas wrote and read their own vows to each other.

This part of the ceremony was the most touching.  All of the guests held hands, forming a united circle with the couple, during the last reading.

The symbol of the tree played a huge role in the ceremony.  Rachel painted a beautiful tree for the front of the programs.  Many of the readings involved the symbol of the tree – how their love is deeply rooted – their two lives are intertwined and are now unified as one and will grow together.  As a beautiful and eternal symbol of their love, Rachel and Thomas planted a tree together during the ceremony.

Aren’t these two darling? I think so.

Thomas looking tres bon!

And Rachel looking tres belle!

This has got to be my favorite bouquet toss sequence ever.  I dont know what got into her, but its hilarious!

Every table was marked with one of Rachel’s paintings.  I loved this idea! She is so talented!

Rachel painted a tree to use as her “guest book.”  Every guest left a green thumbprint on the tree as their signature.  A good friend did the calligraphy.

They hung up pictures from their childhoods, and their years together, on a clothesline for guests to view.  I love the one of little Rachel dressing up as a bride.

The DELICIOUS food was provided by Societe dom Traiteur Ile de France.

I really love this idea.  One of the guests brought an old frame for me to go around and get everyone’s picture with.  This made it so I absolutely got a picture of every guest.

Throughout dinner, two aunts put on funny skits about marriage.

They had the traditional French wedding cake called a Croquembouche which means crunch in the mouth.  It is made up of little pastry balls filled with cream and decorated with chocolate or caramel or sugared almonds.  It was so different to me and so beautiful! Plus, they lit in on fire so how can you not love it!?

Another French tradition – a mountain of champagne glasses is made and the bride and groom pour the champagne for the guests.

I want to send out a big thank you to the parents of Thomas for allowing us to stay in their home and participate in their lives.  You are very generous!

Rachel and Thomas – I love yall and cant wait to come visit you in Austria!


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