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October 17, 2010

Oh. dear. I am so ASHAMED! Its been a month now since our Scandinavia trip and I am just now getting around to blogging about Sweden and Denmark.  Ive gotten so lazy…..well plus Im catching up on Lost. I know I know thats soooo old news, but Im only on season 4 and Im quite obsessed so every little moment I get, Ive been glued to Megavideo watching it. Ok, but Ive got some great things coming up to blog so, I promise to get them up with more frequency!!
So, after Norway, we went to Stockholm, Sweden.  What can’t I say about Stockholm? Its now definitely one of my favorite cities!! Its just sooooo freaking pretty.  Its on the water with lots of beautiful boats.  Theres tons to see and do.  So many museums of art and design and you name it.  We spent three days there.  And we move fast. But we still left wishing we had more days because there was so much more to do!! Im just going to share with you a few of my personal favorite images from each city.  You know the drill…..if you want to read ALL about it and see more pictures go here.

I just loved this blue gate at the entrance to a park.  Its just so bright and happy and fun!

We saw soooo many rainbows on this trip!! It was so magical.  So, here we go rainbow #1

Rainbow #2!

After Stockholm, we went to Uppsala which is a little college town.  We went to visit an old friend, Axel, that we met in Savannah while he was studying at Armstrong.  I had such a great time with Axel, he is such a sweet sweet boy and I just love him.  I really hope he comes to visit us so we can repay  him!

Rainbow #3!

Next we went to Gothenburg, Sweden.  I just love this next photo of the bicycle!!! I want one of these for photo sessions!

Gothenbury is full of these tree lined sidewalks in the middle of the streets.  They are just so lovely and romantic!

Rainbow #4!

I love this statue for obvious reasons.

And I love this for even more obvious reasons. I mean have you seen anything more awesome!?

Next we went to Malmo, a super quaint little town.  This next photo of the lighthouse is for my mommy!

This was a little plaza with old style buildings and hip little restaurants. I just love this old phone booth!

Our last stop on our trip was Copenhagen, Denmark.  This also is a fabulous city with lots to see! Unfortunately the weather was really horrible for us so I didnt get great photos :( But heres a few I love.

Thank you to all of our friends and couch surfing hosts because you made this trip possible for us!!! Come to Madrid so we can take care of you too!


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