Cádiz and Málaga, Spain – Travel Photography

March 4, 2011

During the months where we don’t have a lot of money or any holidays, Martin and I like to take small weekend getaways.  Madrid is a fantastic city but its nice to escape the concrete jungle.  Last weekend we rented a car and with our friend Elijah, we headed south.  We weren’t necessarily expecting it to be warm enough for the beach but we were blessed with beautiful warm Tshirt weather! The first night we stayed in a town called Puerto de Santa Maria, a cute little place with a castle right beside our hotel!! That afternoon, we drove into Cádiz and walked around, taking in the sights of the church, plaza, people and the ocean.

This is the view we had while sipping on wine and eating cheese. mmmmmmm cheeeeeeeeese!

Then we took a walk along the water front and watched the sunset.

I always have to throw in a lighthouse picture for my mommy.

We returned to Puerto de Santa Maria for dinner and feasted on delicious fried seafood, this region’s specialty.

The next day we drove to Torremolinos, a little beachy town.  Elijah had already been to Málaga so he enjoyed a whole day at the beach while Martin and I took the train into the city.  Andalucia is one of my favorite regions of Spain.  Its covered in orange trees which you can see in the picture on the right.

This region used to be inhabited and controlled by the Moors so the architecture is just simply amazing.  (My favorite being the Mesquita in Cordoba) We went up into this old ruin of a fort that has the same beautiful carvings and arches.  Here is the view of Málaga from the fort.

We made it back to Torremolinos in time to enjoy another beachy sunset!

Im glad we got in a good weekend of sunshine because now its absolutely freezing in Madrid.  Yesterday it actually snowed and they are calling for it again tomorrow.  Where is that famous Spanish sun!?


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