Santorini, Greece Part 1 – Travel Photography

July 14, 2011

We have now started our 5 week trip throughout Eastern Europe, we are covering 8 countries and our first one is Greece! I have been hounding Martin ever since we moved to Spain to go to Greece, so we knew we couldn’t leave this year without going.  And here we are, hooray! Our first stop is Santorini.  You can read all about our pain in the ass journey here plus other fun stories over on the travel blog.  But here I just want to keep it simple and share some of my favorite pictures.  These are from our first 2 days here.  Theres so many, its hard to choose!
Our first day, we arrived late afternoon, so we just walked around the area we are staying in, Thira.  We were on this little side street marveling at the beautiful flowery patios and blue doors, when this long line of colorfully decorated mules went running by!

Isn’t this soooooo lovely! Id never leave my patio if it looked like this!

Im very intrigued by the graves here.  They are so ornately decorated and each one has a little cabinet full of mementos of the person – love that!

Aren’t the views just stunning?

Here you can see the volcano.  Apparently Santorini was formed when this volcano erupted and the land around it sunk into the sea, forming an island and surrounding lagoon.

We sat down to a really nice dinner.  First we started with oven baked feta with spices – because everything is betta with feta! (shhhh. Im a dork, I know) Then Martin got the Greek classic, pastitsio, which has always been a favorite at every Greek festival we’ve attended.  And I got this most amazing lamb dish – grape leaves stuffed with lamb, feta, tomatoes, onions and peppers.  It was out of this world!

Then we headed back to that great view to watch the sunset.

The next day we got an earlyish start, rented a four wheeler, and headed out for the island.  We explored the southern part of the island where all the beaches are.

First we went to the Red Beach.  You sort of had to climb over this mountain to get to it, but it was well worth it, look how gorgeous!

After a good swim and some sun, we set back out and found this lighthouse.

And then we headed to the Black Beach….well a black beach, as we found out today many of the beaches have black sand…..which really effing hurts by the way! These cliffs had the most intricate designs and cutouts in them, it was a really beautiful sight to have while swimming!

Back at Thira, we enjoyed another yummy meal of meatballs, and….wait for it….lamb….and…you guessed it….feta!! DELICIOUS!  And then went on the enjoy another loverly sunset!

Tomorrow we have a half day here in Santorini and then we catch a ferry to Crete! Im hoping to be able to get part 2 of Santorini up tomorrow night at the hotel, so check back!


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