Santorini, Greece Part 2 – Travel Photography

July 16, 2011

We decided to save the northern part of Santorini for our last day, and so on our third day we drove around similar areas as on our second day.

We visited this little church where I had to wear a blanket over my legs to enter.

Right beside this church is a beautiful beach with a view of a great big cliff.  We plopped down and spent the majority of the day napping and swimming.

Then we headed back to Thira’s center to roam about some more and eat dinner.  We entered a few of these churches.  I love how the inside of the domes are painted.

We decided the first restaurant we went to was just too delicious to not visit again, so went and got the grape leaf wrapped lamb again.  It was amazing.  Also, we met the most adorable older Mexican couple.  We chatted and laughed with them all night.  I love that knowing Spanish opens up a whole extra set of doors and chance meetings and other fun experiences! This picture is a view from the restaurant.

The next day we drove north to Oia.  First, we visited the Sigalas winery where we were able to taste over 10 different wines.

The lady told us that the vines used to be grown in this circular shape close to the ground so that the plant received more humidity and to protect it from harsh weather.

I thought the seating area outside was so lovely!

Here are the wines we tasted minus 2.  We started before I could remember to take a picture.  We prefer red wines usually but our favorite was actually a dry white wine.  These wines are softer and thinner than the full bodied wines we are used to in Spain.  But the whites are crisp and refreshing.

Here is the little buddy I made! I adore kitties and orange ones are my absolute favorite so when this little guy came running up I just couldnt resist some kitty love.  I snuggled on him the whole time!

After the winery, we parked in Oia and took a walk around.  We quickly realized that this was the more ritzy part of Santorini.  However, I much prefer Thira.  This part of Santorini seemed to resort-y, and the restaurants less cool, not really our thang.

But it was still quite beautiful.  Oh Santorini, you are just too pretty.

After so much blue and white, it was nice to see this bit of coral color!

I really love this picture on the right.  Its so serene.

So there you have it. Our wonderful stay in Santorini. Its quite touristy, in fact the island solely thrives on tourism, but its gorgeous and relaxing and the food and service is quality, at least in our experience. I recommend it! Now we are in Crete. We didn’t do a whole lot today, so Ill probably just lump all the days into one big post. In the meantime, check out a few things we’ve learned so far over on the travel blog!


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