Summer goals

June 19, 2013

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My Spring has been uber busy, thank goodness.  However I’m very much looking forward to a very slow summer so that I can catch up on life and work.  I have a plethora of personal and business goals – all of which realistically won’t get done – but hey, a girl can dream and if I put it out there, y’all can hold me accountable, right?

– Spend more time with my dogs.  More specifically, train Lexi.  That’s right, we adopted a second dog and let me tell you – SO MUCH WORK!  More on her later!

– Spend more time with Martin.  We’ve both been so busy this Spring (he’s been reffing soccer in the evenings and on weekends) that we haven’t had spare time for each other.  I’d like to get back into going on little dates or simply hanging out at home with the pups.

– Exercise!  I’ve neglected myself physically lately and that’s just unacceptable.  Everyone can relate to how easy it is to fall out of your routine and then start making excuses.  Like, now its summer and hot as balls in Savannah.  But I need to get back into my regime of running the dogs and yoga or pilates.

– Read.  I’ve been in love with books ever since I learned to read.  But it is a passion that I have left on the back burner since back in the states.  I don’t have my built in reading time anymore since we don’t have public transportation.  I have a stack of books Ive been collecting from Goodwill but if you have any that you’ve loved lately, please tell me!

– Take more personal photos.  Since photography is my job, its so easy to only have my camera around when I’m getting paid to.  I want to not only document my life better, but also slow down and take photos just for me.  This leads me to the next thing.

–  SCAN FILM.  I have a TON of personal and travel photos from living abroad – a ton on film that you or I’ve never even seen.  When I first got back, I bought a scanner but duh, haven’t used it.  I really wanna get all that stuff scanned in so I can create art pieces to sell in my Etsy shop!

– NETWORK.  Doing The Not Wedding forced me to get my butt in gear and redesign my marketing materials.  Now that I have these pretties, I want to make more industry friends and connections.  Anyone want to go for coffee or a beer?  My treat!

– WEBSITE.  Another biggie that is continuously procrastinated on is my website.  I desperately need to update it with my more amazing recent work and just refine its design.  This I believe will always be a work in progress, but hopefully I can actually make some this summer :)

What are your summer goals and/or plans?




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