The Top 3 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

February 18, 2019

Did you know it is engagement season? According to Zola, 40% of couples become engaged in the twelve weeks between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day! The holidays make such a magical time to get engaged! Plus, there are lots of family occasions you can attend right after to show off that amazing ring.

Zola did a fun survey of over 1,000 engaged and newlywed couples, that goes over some of the fun facts behind engagements. And as I spoke about in my blog post earlier, 40% of couples had photographs taken at their engagement! (In fact, if you are planning a proposal, I would love to be there to photograph it, and capture this amazing moment!)

Once the proposal is over, there are some important steps to take! Here are my top three things to do after you get engaged to ensure smooth planning!

after you get engaged

Take time off to enjoy it!

60% of couples started wedding planning their wedding before getting engaged. So while you might want to jump into planning, I recommend taking some time off from the planning, and enjoy the moment! Take a few weeks off from planning after the engagement, so you two can really re-connect and enjoy this time. Don’t feel pressured into telling people or making decisions right away—everything can wait! Soon enough you will be deep into the planning!

Set up an Engagement Shoot

After you pick your wedding photographer, set up an engagement shoot! This is a great way to not only get amazing pictures but allows you to get comfortable with your photographer. Plus, these pictures make great save the dates! Having an engagement shoot is the perfect way to dress up and get cozy with your fiancé, and have pictures to cherish. I love being able to connect with my couples during engagement shoots.

Think about your wedding timeline

While you might be asked a million times, “when are you getting married?” take the time to really lay out the timeline before booking vendors. Make sure to discuss this with your partner, so you both are on the same page about not only the date, but guest count, budget, and design. While most people get married 12-18 months after the proposal, there is no right or wrong timeline! It’s more important to be comfortable with your wedding day plan, then rush into the wrong decision and regret it later.

The Top 3 Things To Do After You Get Engaged | Izzy Hudgins Photography


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